Apple could sell 100 million iPhone 5 units

“If past iPhone sales are anything to go by, Apple is set to move a whooping hundred million iPhone 5 units,” Christian Zibreg reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“In other words, a fifth-generation iPhone will match sales of all previous models combined, helping Apple maintain a healthy 20+ percent market share in smartphones,” Zibreg reports. “The assumption is based on the above chart from Asymco that outlines monthly sales for all four iPhone models, approximated based on actual quarterly sales divided over the months according to the number of days available.”

Zibreg reports, “Based on that data, we can approximate that iPhone 5 could sell about a hundred million units before it’s succeeded by a sixth-generation model.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Branwdo Drinker,” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m just waiting for the iPhone 5.

    Never got the iPhone 4 as my contract hadn’t expired and O2 wanted £300 for the iPhone 5 and £200 to cancel my contract to open up another one which was exactly the same!

    1. LOL

      Only with Apple could a worldwide sellout of a product be considered a “fiasco” !!!

      There are many logistical limitations in getting a new product on store shelves.

      Perhaps Apple should have waited until May to meet demand? Keeping everyone waiting a couple of months longer? Could you imagine the outcry then?

      1. I wholly agree.

        These knuckleheads that believe Apple can meet a demand of five and six million iPad 2s within the first couple of weeks of launch are simply unbelievable. They must come directly from some country pumpkin farm. Haven’t they ever heard of build and distribution logistics. Apple can only distribute what Foxconn has produced. I’m not blaming Foxconn either, because I know those Foxconn employees are likely working their butts off trying to turn out as many iPad 2s as possible in as short a time as possible, quality control permitting.

        It’s just that this constant whining about how Apple messed up the iPad 2 launch has my stomach churning. There’s no magic wand to instantly make tens of millions of iPads appear because consumer demand is through the roof. Why don’t these knuckleheads understand this. I’m glad that Apple got the iPad 2 out before any of the competition and now the competition is playing catch-up and will likely be left in the dust. Chances are, by the time the competition starts production, the dust will have already settled.

  2. Can’t sell em if you don’t make em! A lot of us have been waiting for the 5 for a long time. AAPL really drops the ball with this delay. Poor planning. Poor execution. It is what it is. Their size is beginning to show. MDN why aren’t you critical as you would be if mister softy slipped and fell? Eh?

    1. Its a Monday and the trolls are out in force already. LOL

      Yes, Poor planning. Everyother company is making different phone models as fast as they can. At least 3-4 per year… just to have something to sell to the masses.

      Apple is finally making phones fast enough to keep up with demand…. mostly. 🙂

      Just a thought,

      1. Troll? Hardly. I own practically everything they make dopey. Have for nearly 30 years. I’m just not a fanboy living in my mother’s basement. I actually work for a living. I have also made a killing with AAPL for the last 8 years. So troll? No. Just a realist not an apologist. Get out of the basement and get some sunshine. Mom won’t mind.

    1. 64 GB is still small for many iTunes libraries- mine minus podcasts, TV & movies comes in at close to 120GB. All offered iTunes plus has been upgraded to 224 and my CD rips are all either 224 or Apple Lossless.
      The difference on old stuff isn’t worth it, but on Jazz, Classical and most live recordings the difference is amazing if your setup has outboard DA Conversion like my Focals do. The sound card in my Mac Pro is nowhere as good- much less an iPhone.

      1. my iTunes library is 4.5gb… 😉
        has been for years.
        apps take up like 14gb i think now..
        Movies on my 64gb iPad 2 are going to take up a ton of space.
        I am so tempted to buy the Hyperdrive, able to store up to 2TB of movies/pics and transfer them to the iPad with the CCK.
        Already in process of ripping all my dvd/blu ray to a NAS for streaming on my ATV, and ipad while at home. having them on the hyperdrive would just be extra icing on the cake.

        1. FTB
          The couple of movies I have on mine from time to time are about a gig or two each in size. So you have to carry maybe 50 movies with you? What do you do, just go home about every month or so? Or maybe you don’t have a home or a computer and perhaps you are homeless? And when do you find time to watch all those movies, and after you watch one why not delete it?

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