‘Color’ app shares your images, videos, and comments with anyone within 50 feet

A new app called Color allows you to share “your images, videos and comments with anyone who comes within 50 feet of you,” Ryan Nakashima reports for The Associated Press.

“The free app figures out if other users are close to you by using a secret blend of GPS data, ambient noise and even light,” Nakashima reports. “Then your updates become available to them and you in turn see theirs.”

Nakashima reports, “The app, available initially on iPhones and Android-based smartphones, was created by a group of technologists led by CEO Bill Nguyen, the serial entrepreneur who sold digital music locker site Lala.com to Apple Inc. for an estimated $85 million back in December 2009. Nguyen said the app will help people break out of the mold of their current group of friends and give them more information about the people around them – namely co-workers and neighbors.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. The narcissism of broadcasting everything about yourself (Facebook), your inane thoughts (Twitter), your conversations (yakking on your phone in public spaces), your musical tastes (Ping) and now your “images, videos and comments” continues apace.

    1. Bubble, you nailed it. Who wants to know all this crap? I joined Facebook and Twitter. I soon realized what nonsense they are. I really don’t care if you had a Starbucks and dropped off your dry cleaning this morning. Nor do I want to see your kids pictures or you vacation video. I hope someone writes an app that will zap all this junk for 50 feet around you. Now there is an app I would buy.

      1. Neither of you two will see my FB posts, pictures, and videos. Those who care about me, friends and family, ARE interested in my activities and selectively choose to view or read what I post.

        What you have failed to acknowledge is that the “public” CANNOT view anything on FB, unless invited.

        Here at MDN, on the other hand, we’re all subject to whatever comes spewing out of your pieholes. Talk about yer narcissism, it’s amazing you two found each other.

        1. Not entirely true.
          When I had a Facebook account, a whole 3-4 days.
          I could see all the crap that friends of friends friends posted.
          Same with twitter.

          And now that whatever you post will be saved forever. It don’t matter if account is deleted, or you delete the posting, Facebook keeps the record. And lawyers can get access to it.
          I know there are a few companies out now that specialize in getting that info, and having it accepted in court… Even the stuff you deleted.

          And just the tip of the debate.
          Yes… They can.

          1. Yeah well apparently none of you quite grasp the concept of discretionary disclosure.

            Imagine all of your stupid MDN comments that will be preserved forever. Unlike FB, here you can hide behind your anonymity as we watch you turn into a total retard, after which you’ll go out pick out another clever name for yourselves.

            See ya’ around campus, backsplash.

    2. I guess you could also say, “The narcissism of people who are so against social media continues apace.” I mean, you’d have to be completely self-centered to not care one iota or be annoyed about what’s going on in your friends or family’s lives. Now, I get the complaints… inane posts, boring updates, annoying slide shows… yep, just like actual life, some people are socially awkward in virtual life too, however, most people aren’t, and are instead witty, interesting, and fun to hang out with online and offline (if you have cool friends, that is). The glory of the online world is that you can pretty much do it anywhere at anytime. you don’t have to schedule a time with your friends or family to be social with them.

      I wonder if you social media haters de-friend people in your real life if they bore you with an inane story, or talk about how their car is in the shop, or if they mention that they have to run down to the store to get something. “Dude, did you just tell me about the awesome meal you had last night!?! Sorry, we’re done, you can grab your coat and leave, and I’ll be deleting you from my address book too. Don’t bother calling me anymore.”

  2. Can’t tell from the description, does this app let two people watch the same video? I’ve wanted something like this for a while now. When we travel I take movies on my iPad, but only I can watch them. It would be great if my wife and I could both watch the same movie at the same time on our two iPads.

  3. “It would be great if my wife and I could both watch the same movie at the same time on our two iPads.”

    Another option, I suppose, would be for you to sit next to each other, provided your relationship has reached that stage.

  4. Wow, G4Daulie, feeling defensive much?

    Are you SURE your friends and family are as interested in you as you think they are?

    Wait…dumb question…of course you are!

    1. Hey jizz got your attention didn’t I? thanks for taking time to respond.

      By the way jizzz here at MDN, you can hit the reply link on my comment and your response will show up right under mine, instead of being out here in left field.

  5. I gave it a try but when I attempt to take a photo all I get is a black screen with a focus rectangle. No camera preview so I can’t see what I’m taking a picture of. Needs work.

  6. “Bubble, you nailed it.”

    “Who wants to know all this crap?”
    Apparently, for some reason I certainly cannot understand, an awful lot of people!!! My wife was on Facebook. The drivel to worthwhile ratio was insane! She didn’t stick around long.

      1. “There was some report last year. Something like 70% of Facebook posts were nothing more than random babbling”… Just like real life social situations (and blog comment areas too)!…

    1. Lucky us! You found MDN.

      Tell me Seamus, have you ever had an original thought? You’ve quoted bubbles and now your wife. Subtract that from your comment and all that’s left is what, your drivel?

      Some back their comments with statistics and percentages to support their comments, but conveniently neglect to produce actual links, so we’re left with nothing but random babbling.

  7. Actually what I want is an app that will cause all Android devices to explode when it comes within about 50′.
    You, know not a big explosion, just something small like a ball-point pen leaking in your pocket.

    1. SHHHHH!
      I have been working on this in the basement….

      i’m waiting for some hack to be able to make all Android phones within range start playing an audio file
      “Hello, i’m an android phone. i was just hacked and am currently sending all the user’s personal data to an Identity theft ring. Have a nice day!”
      Just play the audio, dont actually steal any info. just for the looks on the faces of android users. 😉

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