6 things analysts are missing about Apple

“When you have 50 analysts covering Apple (AAPL) and it’s the 2nd most valuable company in the world, how is it possible that they could miss something about it?” Eric Jackson asks for Forbes.

“Analysts are great at looking in the rear-view mirror and modeling what’s already occurred. If Apple sold 50 million iPhones last year, let’s assume they’re going to sell 10% more this year,” Jackson asks. “That’s how analysts think.”

MacDailyNews Take: Too much credit for most.

Jackson continues, “Where analysts really miss the boat is in showing a little creativity to imagine new products Apple might roll out in the coming year and what kind of uptake those products will get from consumers. Ask any analyst to do something like that and you’ll see a deer-in-the-headlights response. Intuition and creativity are not part of the typical analyst’s skill-set.”

So, here is a list of the top 6 things that I think the current crop of Apple analysts are missing about the company’s growth:

1. China Growth
2. iPad 2
3. iPhones
4. The Computer Data Center in North Carolina
5. A generational shift to Macs
6. Payments

Jackson writes, “If you think $350 is high for a stock price, just wait until next year.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. Buy AAPL stocks!!! 401k Happy 🙂
    Dec 2011 = $422
    Dec 2012 = $523
    Dec 2013 = $624
    Dec 2014 = $725
    Dec 2015 = $828 dollars!!!!
    …. What R U waiting 4?

  2. Their weakest ability is that next “Just one more thing”. They think when Steve is gone ALL innovation in the R&D department will be gone too. If Steve Jobs is the Steve Jobs I know, they will have video of him working with the prototypes and there may even be a virtual Steve Jobs doing the “Just one more thing” with the products he started years earlier.

    HE HAND PICKED THE INNOVATIVE PEOPLE THAT ARE THE CORE OF APPLE TODAY. Apple isn’t going to dry up and be entomb with Steve Jobs.

    1. Steve Jobs is one of a kind. I get that. But why oh why oh why do they not realise that part about him handpicking the people around him who will ru Apple for decades hence?

      For gosh sakes, he built NeXT and look how many key players are still with him or have only just left and helped him to transform Apple! He handpicked those people too.

      Jobs is the head of a company that makes great things. He also built the carbon unit infrastructure that allows Apple to make great things… for many years to come. His genius is more than just envisioning products. It’s also envisioning and finding and hiring great people to put his vision into the real world. He has and is doing that.

      Give the boy some credit.

    2. Yeah, that’s something SJ doesn’t get enough credit for. I’ve met most of Apple’s top executives at one time or another, and there’s no shortage of talent there.


  3. Amazing that we have come from the days when I feared “beleaguered” Apple might slip under, and I would proselytize about Apple to anyone who would listen (or not listen), to these heady days of Apple success, including a glimpse on the horizon of a sinking Microsoft MAN, it feels good!

    Tonight, a French Red and a big platter of Poutine –

    1. ‘Poutine’ I said to myself – what’s that?

      A Wiki later and I reckon us Brits might be missing out on something. Dunno where I get cheese curds from tho’; might have to use a Greek squeaky cheese. btw a definition of the noise made is ‘balloons making love’. Ooer!

  4. What will the talking heads do when the transitional avalanche starts. As people leave one technology and move to the next, it can happen very fast. Windows will take a few years to shrivel up to a small part of the PC market only because they are a very large infestation. Consider how fast things will shift when AI is figured out! At least Apple will have the many devices and apps to fall back on. Microsoft will close the doors in less than a year!

  5. The question; how can Apple provide services to their +300 million customers and a monthly avg. $50 each customer earning?

    The answer; a $ 60 billion own infrastructure, own satellites, data centers, providing, services etc.

  6. Five things the analysts are missing:

    1. Technical knowledge
    2. Common sense
    3. Vision
    4. Good will
    5. Integrity

    Technical knowledge: They don’t have any.
    Common sense: Ditto.
    Vision: Fixed on the bottom line.
    Good will: Morons with a grudge.
    Integrity: They’ll say anything to get page hits.

  7. Perhaps the author of this article should apprise himself of the function of an analyst.

    Until the definition and regulations of what, when, how and where are redefined by the powers to be, i.e, the SEC, their employers and clients, there isn’t much that can be done. Other than become independent and sit on the side lines and Monday night quarterback.

    And as I am sure Eric Jackson realizes, that is not a road that many like him are successful without a lot of hard work and luck. Otherwise, his followers would be far larger than the handful that occasionally tweet his him.

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