Flood of royal wedding iPad and iPhone apps hits market

“Not feeling the royal wedding spirit yet? It may be time to download a countdown clock,” Sylvia Hui reports for The Associated Press.

“More than a dozen smartphone apps are offering to bring fans everything royal wedding-related wherever they are – so they can check the days and minutes until Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 wedding, hoard news and pictures about them and instantly share their favorite royal wedding tidbits on social media networks,” Hui reports.

“Most of the apps are tailored for iPhones or iPads,” Hui reports. “Some are fairly informative: There are apps that feature live coverage of the wedding on the day, a weather forecast for London’s Westminster Abbey up to 10 days in advance, and royal protocol in case, for whatever reason, you need to greet the queen.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Being a Canadian and this is the wedding of our future king and queen, absolute no interest at all. I wish them the best but please leave the poor buggers alone. Let then get married in peace and hope what happen to Princes Di and Charles never ever happens to them.

      1. Exactly. A long time ago, England’s “royalty” were brought to the British Isles from Germany as “slaves”. Didn’t take long before they figured out how to enslave their captors. In today’s world, the Royal puppets are nothing more than pompous tourist attractions bringing $$$ to England. That the Brit’s think of them respectfully as “important” says a lot about the sorry state of England’s society.

        1. Your grasp of, er, history is bizarrely inaccurate to say the least.
          And a very large number of we Brits are utterly indifferent to their antics.
          Mind you, get yourself to the gates of Buckingham Palace and marvel at the hordes of fawning foreigners to be seen there- mostly American.

  2. “That’s enough news about the earthquake and nuclear meltdown in Japan, Fred. Ditto for the wars in Libya and Afghanistan. We need more space for coverage of the royal wedding.”

    1. The same could be said for anything in this crazy world: 90% of anything is useless and redundant. 90% of the books aren’t worth reading, 90% of the movies aren’t worth seeing… The question is: What about the other 10%? Take the U.S. government, for example. 90% of it is useless and redundant, the other 10% is criminally incompetent. So Looks like Apple is way ahead of the game to me.

  3. Time for bed; another royal wedding; yawn; nothing else in the world matters except royalty and celebs; yawn; people arguing on comment posts; yawn!!

    Think Japan, average working family, toilet economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, gas prices, real people.

  4. Oh, don’t let us Yanks fool you… We all secretly adore British Royalty. We just vehemently deny it. We’ll still be complaining about the uselessness of it all as we glue ourselves to the telly (I believe that’s the proper English word for television) come 29 April.


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