Steve Jobs offers support to Apple employees affected by Japan disasters

Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors that “Apple CEO Steve Jobs is reported to have sent a message (below) to Apple staff regarding the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.”

To Our Team in Japan,

We have all been following the unfolding disaster in Japan. Our hearts go out to you and your families, as well as all of your countrymen who have been touched by this tragedy.

If you need time or resources to visit or care for your families, please see HR and we will help you. If you are aware of any supplies that are needed, please also tell HR and we will do what we can to arrange delivery.

Again, our hearts go out to you during this unimaginable crisis.

Please stay safe.

Steve and the entire Executive Team


  1. Unimaginable in light of this disaster too, is the lack of compassion and sensibility that continues to rile the moronic politicians that are destroying the fabric of our society and the blind rats that feed on their poison and perpetuate it.

    Steve Jobs – focused and in sync, as usual, sets the bar.

    1. Not just politicians.

      There was an idiot who called into a radio show who said “If these are the people that invented the Prius, have mastered public transportation, recycling, why did Mother Earth, Gaia if you will, hit them with this disaster?”

      Sadly, instead of telling the guy he was an idiot, the host decided to agree: “He’s right, They’ve given us the Prius. Even now, refugees are recycling their garbage.” before starting to laugh. He then continues on his humorous theme with, “and yet, Gaia levels them! Just wipes them out!. Wipes out their nuclear plants. All kinds of radiation! What kind of payback is this?”

      I can’t work out what sort personality defect you would need to make a badly-argued political point on the back of this kind of disaster.

  2. As usual, Steve gets it. It’s at the heart of what Apple does. He has genuine empathy for people. From freeing people from computer dungeons (windows) to helping those in dire need, he’s just….simply… a good man.

    1. Steve gets it…yep, but there’s thousands of less high-profile ppl who equally get it. My boss is such a person. He’ll first check and make sure everyone is ok. Second question is always if anybody needs any help.

  3. Ya, he really gets it.

    Same guy who won’t pay shareholders any dividends from their $60 billion in cash reserves because of greed. Same guy leading a company who didn’t even pay enough money to the iPod model girl where she could afford to buy an iPod. Same guy who runs a company using sweatshop labour in China to make his products.

    He’s a great guy, it’s not a PR stunt when Apple’s stocks are falling. Greed first, then manipulate. Go drink some more koolaid.

    1. Greed? Wow. You are a real a$$hat. Maybe I don’t want to pay taxes on a dividend, maybe I want Apple to get bigger, not pay me. Here’s an idea- if you don’t like it, go sell your shares and buy microsoft. Or ATT. They pay a nice dividend.

      1. As a shareholder, I agree. If he wants a dividend there are any number of companies that do so. Apple follows a different path, like Berkshire Hathaway which I also own shares in, keeping a pile if ready cash you don’t have to ask for helps.

    2. Well there’s one thing for sure adsfadfs, you don’t get it.

      Apple Japan and Cupertino were both in full support of their employees BEFORE the stock fell.

      Great use of a tread about the situation in Japan to trash Apple BTW.

      You always this selfish? Or do you just act like such a dolt when it comes to Apple?

    3. No instead of paying dividends they act like a growth stock.  Apple has kept their cash for when they need it.  Now several workers are in the worst situation in their lives, Apple is using their cash to help them.  There may be some greed; the companies that sell parts to them will remember the way Apple treated their countrymen in a time of need.  That Apple used iTunes to create the easiest way to give to the Red Cross, and charged nothing.  Apples Greed is doing a lot of good right now.  

    4. I’m a shareholder and you do not speak for me. I would rather have the money invested back or kept for unforeseen hard times due to no fault of Apple’s. People don’t think they should have savings anymore either, that’s why everyone has run up credit cards and loans and when life turns on them they are dead meat with no reserve funds. Apple is the Grasshopper, the rest of the companies are the Ants

    5. Guys…guys… lesson #1 on Internet:

      Someone with posting name “adsfadsf” posts a negative comment on a site completely dedicated to the thing he doesn’t like that displays a purposeful level of ignorance. Replying back attacking his argument benefits him, not you.

  4. Apple is such a classy company & tries to do the right thing. Best wishes to all those affected & yes, I contributed to the American Red Cross fund through iTunes.
    We should all step up and help in whatever way we see appropriate. Japan is second only to the US in it’s track record of humanitarian assistance worldwide & that should be remembered and honored in their season of need.

  5. Right now it wouldn’t bother me if we pulled all our support from the Middle East (save for Israel) and ‘focussed like a laser’ on Japan.

    I know we can’t or won’t, but Europe should handle their southern neighbors, while we we pour all our resources into a friend.

    1. Totally agree, let France and the UK deal with North Africa.  They have the money and weapons to handle it, and they are directly affected by the civil wars.

      We have a long history, and a lot of investment in Japan.  This is where we need to focus now.     

    2. “(save for Israel)”
      Israel is ALWAYS exempt right? Americans are facing unprecedented across-the-board cuts, but the annual three billion ($3,000,000,000) U.S. taxpayer dollars to Israel is untouchable.
      The U.S. is an Israeli colony.

      1. Exempt from what? Budget cuts?
        Then, yes, as long as Syria and Iran pool money and resources to destroy Israel, we should support them, and not be the fair weather friends we were to the Contras, never knowing if they have support based on the whims of a political wind and the sound bites said winds create.

  6. adsfadfs you are the one who done get it. I think Mr. Job is doing an excellent job of running the company. His compassion for the situation is real and not a PR stunt as you think. So what if the stocks are falling it a great buying opportunity . After reading your narrow minded anti-Apple comments, I am getting thirsty going have a glass of koolaid.

  7. Are all Andread user tasteless frustrated idiots, trolling Mac sites?

    I guess I’d be one too if I had to use Windblows and Andread, 2 of the most odious contributions to the civilized world.

    1. Of course we all fanboys , why else would we come to this website. As for PR stunts do you just like make an ass of yourself or do you work for one Apples evil competitors. The bottom anytime a large corporation does good it about public relations. The only stunt I would like to see is you taking your head out of your ass.

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