Apple debuts three new iPhone ads that show non-iPhone users what they’re missing (with video)

Apple has debuted three new ads on U.S. network and cable broadcast television that highlight what those who settle for pretend iPhones “don’t have.”

Apple iPhone 4 TV Ad – iBooks
If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have iBooks on your phone, where a good book is just a tap away:

Apple iPhone 4 TV Ad – iPod + iTunes
If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPod in your phone. And you don’t have iTunes on your phone, the world’s number one music store:

Apple iPhone 4 TV Ad – App Store
If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have the App Store, with the world’s largest selection of apps:

Each ad ends with the voiceover: “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s note to Verizon Wireless customers, especially as their contracts come up for renewal: You no longer have to settle for a pretend iPhone when you can get the real thing.


  1. yes that thing they say at the end says it /exactly/
    “if you don’t have an iphone, you don’t have an iphone”

    there really just isn’t any device like the iphone

    I have to admit though, I just tried running (macintosh) system 6 on my iphone, using it on a touch screen is very pleasant. I would even say it would be better then ios if it hid the curser, had color, and was hardware accelerated (so scrolling in realtime would work without eating cpu time). (even without multi finder) the ability to see more then one thing (by thing I mean document, not application) at a time is just really nice…. of course no other phone can do that either 🙁 gaaah I wish I could find the power cord to my pic programer/flasher thing!!! then i’d make my own phone

    1. I would be rather surprised if it were “50% faster” and here is why:

      1 the android web browser’s “layout engine” (the part that renders web pages blah blah blah) is essentially a re-branded version of apple’s web kit, which is used in mobile safari

      2 If I understand correctly, the gui on android os is not hardware accelerated, this means things like scrolling are done almost entirely on the cpu, which is fairly slow (and even if it /is/ hardware accelerated on some devices (which I doubt) it isn’t on others)

      3 and most importantly, the android web browser is running on top of a poorly written os that is definitely /not/ optimized for whatever pice of hardware it is running on. And to top it all off everything is running in an interpreter (albeit, one with very little hardware abstraction)

      I don’t see how the android browser could possibly be “50%” faster, it’s very remotely possible (if they put an enormous amount of work into optimizing it) that it might be 2% or maybe even 10% but not “50%”, especially not with flash.

      1. Not everything in Android goes through the Davlik interpreter. The browser, or at least the rendering part of it, runs natively on the hardware. Developers are able to do that too, but writing for the interpreter is simpler.

    2. Regarding Android running web browsing faster the testing mentioned is flawed and isn’t really measureing what they claim they are emasuring. Would suggest reading Daring Fireball’s postings for today 3/17/11 for explanationa s to what is really going on/ Bottom line IOS is faster if running in Mobile Safari as opposed to web apps that run outside Modbile Safari. It also involves security issues.

  2. They’re “Flash”?!? I think they’re probably hosted at Youtube, where if you have Flash on your computer, then Youtube will serve you a Flash-version of the ad. If you don’t have Flash, it will serve you a H.264-version. The default is to serve Flash, blame Youtube for that.

    I don’t have Flash on my Mac, and it plays, so, I’m guessing it’s H.264 that I am seeing.

  3. Wow, are these really advantages on an iPhone? Apple is losing it. I switched from an iPhone to an Android-powered Motorola Atrix. One thing that I definitely do not miss is iTunes (what an abomination). Book readers are a dime a dozen, and the Android Market seems every bit as good as the iTunes store (without iTunes, no less!). What Apple should point out as missing on other platforms is Netflix. That is something I do miss on Android!

  4. The iBooks one is rather weak, simply because Kindle currently has a better selection and works on a LOT of devices. The other two are great though. Saw the iTunes one last night and had to chuckle in agreement when he said the line at the end.

    1. Yea I thought the same thing when I saw it. I’m like kindle is larger and can go from iPhone to pc to Mac and I know not every iPhone user is a Mac user.
      Then you have the b&n nook I think if you were an avid reader you’d have blooms from whatever source or sources they needed to get the book

    1. I agree with you Mark. They are getting defensive. Those ads where they said at the end “can your network do that” (jab at Verizon, before they were on Verizon) were a little more subtle.

  5. At this point if you not one of the converted you will never going to get an IPhone 4. I guess it Apples way of spending some of if billions in profit on some useless advertising.

    1. Nightfly. Most people don’t even have a smartphone yet. Most people don’t even know that there’s a thing called the Kindle. These commercials are perfect for the mass market who couldn’t care less about open VS closed.

      1. Remember the 2007 Keynote: Steve note about to unveil “An iPod, a phone, and an internet communications device. An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator. An iPod, a phone… ARE YOU GETTING IT? These are not 3 separate devices. This is one device. And we are calling it: iPhone. Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.”

    2. apple has got to produce highly effective ads pretty consistently, these included. who are we to take pot shots at apple’s marketing genius? i especially like the ipod ad. come on! it’s a great message: the only phone that’s an ipod! i love it. 🙂

  6. These are weaker ads than usual. Still the itunes music store and the app store are pretty slick. I love hearing a song and within a minute owning it if I want.

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