Statcounter: Apple Mac market share over 15% in U.S.; nearly 18% in Switzerland

“The official Pingdom blog did a little research into Mac market share around the world according to Statcounter (all based on browser visits to a pretty solid sample of three million websites), and it turns out that Switzerland is the most Mac country in the world,” Mike Schramm reports for TUAW. Mac market share February 2011

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


      1. >> Yeah, only 82.39% Swiss are tech morons

        LOLZ, ya, because Apple products appeal to the techboy collective above ALL others.

        Acid? Shrooms? (Just wondering what drug you wrote that comment on…)

      2. Look, you want to claim Apple users are more style conscious than anyone else, that you can win arguments over.

        But technical skills? Trust me, the techboys don’t like working in a straight jacket that Apple throws them into, with its one-ring-to-rule-them-all philosophy.

        Apple isn’t for tech-savvy users, it’s for style-savvy users with money, most of whom don’t want to know anything about the computer or what it’s doing — that is, the least technically skilled. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but don’t let your hubris lead you to think otherwise.

        “Oh, but I didn’t MEAN non-computer tech skills”
        Yeah, right, pull the other one.
        And even if I grant your meaning that, it that still doesn’t matter since, to get the MOST power out of a computer requires a sufficient understanding of its underworkings to know what it is fully capable of, if only to know what questions to ask your computer tech people, or what things to ask them for. The best skills a non-Mac user will have are high-middle or low-upper. Often a six-figure professional, no argument — not intended to denigrate them. But there’s a massive distinction.

        1. “Oh, but I didn’t MEAN non-computer tech skills”

          LOL, whoops, sorry, changed that in mid-write, and didn’t properly do the change:
          “Oh, but I didn’t MEAN computer tech skills”

    1. Yes,Yes,Yes 🙂 thats because i am one of them loool
      But no joke, apart being Mac-Fans, Swiss peops are absolutely crazy for iOS-devices: In the streets, busses, railways etc you see about 80% iPhones/iPods… I guess the bit in the Apple logo must be a swiss bit… 🙂 If there are any Androids, they stay hidden in the pockets…(with shame and red ears)

  1. Apple just needs to keep building up that market share steadily each year. Apple’s Mac business is outpacing the rest of the PC industry every quarter because it has that 80-90% (whatever it is now) Windows market share to grow into.

    All the other players are (collectively) mostly re-selling to existing customers; they just trade customers back and forth based on whoever has the best “deal of the week.” Apple is selling to existing customers (who are very loyal) AND (more significantly) to all those potential “switchers.” Every percent of market share NOT YET attained is like a precious commodity for Apple, and there is A LOT of it still left to go.

    1. I remember a conversation I had with a colleague at Apple back in 2003 about market share, and he was convinced that Apple could never come back from being under 4%, and that we’d be strictly an iPod company within five years. I should remind him of that.


    2. There are two ways of measuring market share:

      1) new sales


      2) installed base.

      I dont think Apple was ever at 2% installed base. I think the 2% market share reports of the past represented new sales and that was at a time when PC users were upgrading every 6 months to keep up with technology while Mac users did not have to upgrade because they had a capable and reliable workhorse. Hence, the large sales of new PCs vs the releatively low sales of Macs and the reported low 2%.

      Mac web visits of old were always reported as being much higher than 2% just like this story.

  2. So much more room to grow. Never too late to buy AAPL.

    And Howard Stern may have just started the next big push. That’s a whole lot of people I never would have thought of as Mac users.

  3. Ah well, Three cheers for Switcherland!

    The best news though is there was a time when the USA and Canada were the only countries where Apple had any presence at all. Clearly that is changing. Apple is expanding worldwide, and not just a North American enigma anymore.

    What doesn’t show in the stats is that the majority of Windows based PCs are cheap enterprise boxes that sit doing nothing every night after 5PM. Both my wife and I are stuck using Windows at work but use Macs at home. Most of all our friends use Macs at home and must use PCs at work as well. Macs are a choice. Windows is more like an affliction.

    1. I remember Australia always having a strong Apple presence in the major cities (especially Sydney) through its network of Apple Centres (dealers working under the Apple logo and banners). Apple fans in Australia have been just as loyal as those in Canada and the US. This is probably why Australia, despite its small market size, was amongst the first countries outside of the Americas to get the iTunes music store, the Mac App store, and all the other things Canadians and Americans now take for granted. The last time I checked, the Sydney Apple store was the second largest in the world.

      There was once a time when you really made a statement by showing your Mac in public. Now I am astounded at how many people I once knew as staunch PC supporters who now sport iPads, MacBooks and iMacs everywhere I go. My how the worlds changes – in this case for the better.

  4. I know that market share isn’t the same thing as installed base, but on the website I run I have seen a marked increase of the MacOSX visitors: recently (and I mean the last 1-2 months) it hovers around 10-12%, while in the past it appeared not to get any larger than 4-5%.
    p.s. I have also noticed a sudden increase in the display size which used to be predominantly 800-1024 (pix, hor), while now it looks more like 1280-1400. My conclusion is that (here in Belgium) there is a nice uptake in PC purchases, but even more interesting, the Mac share has more than doubled in just a few months.

  5. Nearly 13% in NZ and climbing. Great.

    Must show that graph to my sister. “The trouble with Macs”, she told me recently, “is that nobody uses them nowadays”.

    She has an old Dell, with an appropriately crappy usb camera squatting on the desk beside it like a diseased, one-eyed frog. Forget about Skype video. All I can see is a grainy image of her nostrils.

    Get a Mac, sister.

  6. Several remarks, though.
    1. The curve doesn’t show market share (as in: units sold) but active web usage per platform. So the real market share could be even better (if increasing).
    2. Could it be that Statcounter’s now excellently detailed site, previously underreported MacOSX? Prefiously, it didn’t recognize certain OSX versions and I suspected it to discard or misclassify (as unknown) statistics for certain 16:9 and 16:10 screen sizes.
    3. What I find strange is that France doesn’t appear here, while there seems to be a strong Apple presence in France.

  7. That’s it I’m moving…

    If we counted all the iPad’s it would be even higher.

    For those who say the iPad isn’t a computer, well cash registers aren’t either – if they get to count those then we should count iPads.

  8. I went to Switzerland recently. Sometimes you travel and you have to remind yourself, that things are just different somewhere else. You’re not better than them, they just do things differently. Switzerland on the other hand is the only place where I couldn’t help but think they’re better than us in every way. It’s a beautiful country, just amazing. I love them.

    Do we have any Swiss here? Any chance of marrying me and helping me move there?

  9. This is doubly encouraging because web use stats are usually skewed in favor of Windows, due to Mac users (such as myself) being forced to surf the web on PCs at work.

  10. Recently I launched a clients site on a Friday here in Ireland, on Saturday there was a big spike in hits due to a magazine article. The split between WIndows and Mac viewers was nearly 50/50. On Monday when people went to work on their ‘cheap enterprise boxes’ the windows share went up to 70%. Along with nearly everyone here I see Macs everywhere, I’d love to see the market share based on personal ownership.

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