Strategy Analytics: Apple took lion’s share of smartphone revenue in 2010

While Apple trailed Nokia in 2010 smartphone volume, Apple dominated the market in revenue, and took 29 percent share of the market value. The top 3 players—Apple, Nokia and RIM—generated 64 percent of the revenue in the smartphone market, as reported in, “Smartphone Revenues Hit $99 Billion in 2010 and Apple Takes Lion’s Share of 29 Percent,” from Strategy Analytics.

In 2010, Apple accounted for 16 percent of smartphone market volume in 2010. However, in terms of revenue Apple grabbed 29 percent share. Nokia followed with 20 percent and RIM with 15 percent value share. Samsung ended up leading those making Google Android smartphones in 2010, taking 9 percent of smartphone market revenue and surpassing HTC.

“While smartphones represented just over 22 percent of the handset market in terms of volume last year, they accounted for more than 50 percent of the market in terms of revenue,” said Tom Kang, Director of the Wireless Smartphone Strategies service, in the press release. “This illustrates how important the smartphone market has become for capturing mobile handset value. Unlike feature phones, smartphone average sales prices have held steady in the $300 range during 2010, bolstered by the introduction of new technology, such as the Retina LCD and AMOLED displays, as well as high speed 1 GHz processors.”

Source: Strategy Analytics, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Android et al., not making it up in volume.


  1. Android being distributed for free captured 0% of smartphone revenue which is just as well as it’ll prove to be Google’s financial sinkhole as the Xbox is to Microsoft.

    Free as in free with AIDS.

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