iPhone 5 in awkward spot after Apple can’t seem to give away Verizon iPad 2

“It was supposed to be the day Verizon finally joined the Apple big leagues by getting a compatible iModel on launch day, and the roadmap for the upcoming Verizon iPhone 5. Instead, today’s iPad 2 launch was marked as the day upon which Apple couldn’t seem to give away the Verizon iPad 2, even after (way too) quickly running out of AT&T and wifi-only iPad 2 models,” Beatweek Magazine writes.

“It was just one Apple Store, one crowd of first day iPad 2 buyers, but the implication couldn’t be more clear: despite the freewheeling data plans on the iPad which allow buyers to choose their data plan carrier regardless of what their existing cellphone contract situation might be, when those who had waited for hours in a pitifully slow-crawling line were finally informed that the AT&T 3G iPad 2 was gone, those tired and disgusted would-be customers simply went home empty handed,” Beatweek Magazine writes. “Nevermind the efforts of the sales folk who were singing the virtues of the Verizon iPad 2. No one wanted it. And that makes you wonder whether the world (or the nation, to be accurate) really wants a Verizon iPhone 5.”

Beatweek Magazine writes, “Make no mistake, the Verizon iPhone 5 will sell by the bucketload (assuming Apple actually decides to manufacture some iPhone 5 units ahead of time; the near total lack of iPad 2 inventory on hand for today’s launch was one of the more stunning failures in Apple’s history). But those sales will largely go to existing Verizon customers. Today made clear that existing AT&T iPhone users are sticking with AT&T going forward.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our 3G iPad 2s are AT&T simply because we want to maintain our unlimited data plans. The slightly faster data speed offered by AT&T over Verizon doesn’t hurt, either. We’re willing to give up some coverage areas in spots (and gain it others) to keep our grandfathered-in unlimited data.

As long as it’s not voice, we choose AT&T.  Our iPhone 4s are Verizon.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]


  1. Can you jailbreak a Verizon iPad2 to work on the Sprint network? How about the 3G iPad2 to work on T-Mobile network. I have to admit I really like the T-Mobile woman– Meowwwww–but I want to stay with Apple. Oh, woe is me.

    1. Nubee….you ought to be more informed. T-Mobile works on different frequencies than AT&T. So if you jailbroke it, all you’d get is EDGE speeds. So that would be stupid.

      1. That’s what I am trying to be–more informed–thus, the question. Why can an iPhone 3GS be jailbroken to work on T-mobile, but not the iPad? I work with someone who has a T-mobile jailbroken iPhone that works. Just trying to understand. I thought this was a good place to ask that for a nubee. Oh well.

        1. AT&T Operates on 850 and 1900 MHz bands for both GSM/EDGE (2G) and UMTS/HSPA (3G).

          T-Mobile in the US operates on 1900 MHz for 2G, and 1700 and 2100 MHz for 3G.

          According to Apple’s published specs, the iPad 2 supports
          850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz for both 2G and 3G.

          The original iPad wasn’t carrier-locked. You could put in other provider’s MicroSIM cards. I don’t have the iPad 2 yet, but from what I’ve read, it isn’t carrier locked in the US either. If that’s the case, you could put in a T-Mobile MicroSIM. The problem would be that you’ll only have 3G coverage on T-Mobile with your iPad when you are in an area where 3G is on 2100 MHz. If you are in a 1700 MHz area, it will fall back to 2G on 1900 MHz.

  2. What a wordy article to say very little.

    Anyway, it’s my understanding the the only real Verizon advantage is voice rather than data. So, it makes sense to me that ATT would be the preference for a data device.

  3. Non-story. Where does this even take place? There are some areas around the country where people won’t touch Verizon with a ten foot pole because it just doesn’t work. Is this one of them? What this is reallynis just a “hit” piece. iPhone 5 is not the same as iPad 2, obviously. iPhone is SO MUCH MORE dependent on a reliable connection for voice than the iPad is for data. With that being the case MDN’s take is correct “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.”

    iPhone 5 will have no problem selling whether it’s AT&T or Verizon and this individuals admittly limited experience has no relevance to that. And from my experience and what I am reading getting an iPad today is an exercise in waiting, for weeks, Verizon or not!

    1. Just confirmed with Best Buy on Long Island, no iPads for at least a couple of weeks after selling out yesterday. Not one report of having to give away a Verizon version.

  4. MDN says “Our 3G iPad 2s are AT&T simply because we want to maintain our unlimited data plans. The slightly faster data speed offered by AT&T over Verizon doesn’t hurt, either. We’re willing to give up some coverage areas in spots (and gain it others) to keep our grandfathered-in unlimited data.”

    This statement from the website that spent a year telling us daily how awful ATT’s network is and how great it will be to get on Verizon. Now, this same site chooses ATT over Verizon, because it has a faster network (which we knew), a better pricing plan, and decent coverage. Almost John Dvorakian.

      1. @coolfactor – No you learn the facts. The fact is MDN spent the 12 months before Verizon totally trashing ATT and saying it was awful. Now they have a choice and they keep it. Pure hypocrisy.

  5. Reead the article. It’s refreshing to read something that is not from “the geek-controlled tech press.” Gives a balanced realistic point of view from non-zealots. Thanks to MDN for the link.

    1. Here is the link from the next article: “iPad 2 sold out at Apple, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, AT&T, Verizon retail stores”
      Someone isn’t being honest here.

    2. Unfortunately, a need to show a “balanced realistic” view has to include some dumping on Apple even if it is undeserved. Also insightful in articles like this are the little snide remarks that writers put in which are a giveaway of their less-than-balanced attitude towards Apple – “pitifully slow-crawling lines” (Apple incompetent/inefficient), “tired and disgusted would-be customers” (the masses are turning against bumbling Apple), “Apple couldn’t seem to give away the Verizon iPad” (even though this sweeping statement was based on “just one Apple store”), “. . . one of the more stunning failures in Apple’s history.” (that’s a nifty way of turning a sold-out product launch into a failure). It’s an age-old journalism trick – pick the weak points that are there in every undertaking, and push those into a glaring spotlight.

    1. Why are people equating choosing AT&T over Verizon for data usage to be equivalent to choosing AT&T over Verizon for voice? These are different and clearly AT&T is *better* for data than Verizon. MDN didn’t change their position on this.

  6. Wifi only here. I refuse to pay for two devices. The only reason I jailbreak my iPhone is to tether it to my iPad. Data plans in this country are pathetically expensive.

  7. i switched from AT$T to Verizon on my iPad2. Had wifi iPad 1 and went with V to check on a couple of things. First is customer service. AT$T’s customer service has been problematic over the last 3 months. Second, to check on coverage. Third to get a handle on how much data I use with Skype and other apps while off of wifi. My use over last month on iPhone 4 was 500mb last month. While the unlimited data plan would be nice, I only had that on my iPhone 4. The real decision point for me will ne when the iPhone with LTE becomes available. That’s why I wanted to bett understand Verizon support and billing system now. I also don’t believe AT$T will have the LTE coverage that Verizon will have when the LTE iPhone is launched.

  8. Limited data points, skewed conclusion. If most iPad2 day1 buyers are current AT&T iPhone/iPad owners, they skew towards AT&T obviously. iPhone VZW transition will happen over the next 2 yrs as 2 things happen: 1) contracts terminate (that’s what I’m waiting for) and 2) LTE support comes first to VZW which provides the high-bandwidth, low-latency, global voice/data network w/ simultaneous voice/data. Game over, AT&T. iPad purchasing will then skew towards VZW.

  9. I see those wantin to keep the unlimited plan staying.
    Personally I hate verizon, and I bought att iPad 2. But if I had to buy verizon… I might.

    But it’s also true, att’s speed is faster than verizons.
    And yes I do find it funny mdn praises att over verizon 😉

    ” We’re willing to give up some coverage areas in spots (and gain it others) to keep our grandfathered-in unlimited data.”
    Wait mdn… I thought you bashed att for not having any coverage… And you say GAIN in places? Lol

    1. Another blanket statement.

      I don’t think MDN said AT&T and *no* coverage, just terrible coverage. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have coverage were Verizon doesn’t. It means exactly what they said.

      People need to stop and think before commenting sometimes.

        1. Wow seems like you’re trying to go at war against MDN just because you can’t read properly. If you don’t like MDN just go loose your time elsewhere please.

      1. Problem is, for the last year or so they HAVE said they have spotty coverage with att, and slower data speeds.

        If I were at home I’d post the links to mdn’s articles they claim this in.
        And say the opposite today. Why do you think so many here are laughing at mdn for their take? Cause we remember what mdn has said in the past on this.

  10. One, the AT&T iPad is GSM, a worldwide standard. These 3G iPads are unlocked making them easy to gray market to places like China. A Verizon iPad is CDMA, and while there are some CDMA markets, there aren’t as many. Further, the installed base of iPhones is mostly AT&T. Many people may prefer to buy an AT&T iPad just because they already have an AT&T account and they are comfortable with that. The benefit of managing a relationship with one provider may exceed the benefit of broader coverage that Verizon may promise.

  11. my iPhone 4 is on AT&T I bought a Verizon iPad 2 – for one very good reason – the area where I spend the majority of my time sitting and waiting (my daughter’s Karate center) has ZERO AT&T coverage. If AT&T had decent coverage there, I would probably have bought a WiFi model and turned on the hot spot feature on my iPhone instead. But as I wanted an iPad I could use anywhere, the choice was obvious – Verizon.

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