RUMOR: Apple CEO Steve Jobs to personally unveil next-gen iPad on March 2nd

Fabio M. Zambelli reports for Italian language website setteB.IT that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will personally unveil Apple’s next-gen iPad tomorrow, March 2nd, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Full article via Google’s Italian to English translation here.


  1. I love Steve and hopes he lives for another 100 years, but wouldn’t it be better for Apple if he DIDN’T present the new iPad? In order to separate people’s minds from the idea that only he is Apple?

  2. According to National Enquirer’s meticulous diagnosis and prognosis, Steve Jobs only has a couple of weeks left.

    According to Dvorak’s meticulous study of the iPad when it first appeared, it’s dead already.

  3. Do I hope Steve will be there….fervently so.

    Do I believe Steve will be there….absolutely not.

    Putting trust in some Italian website that claims to know more than any North American one on an issue like this is plain stupid.

  4. Can’t we just wait until tomorrow and find out then? Rumors the day before that he’s going to appear just seem like another excuse to knock the stock price if he doesn’t then appear tomorrow

  5. It’s better not to have Steve there, so as to not keep raising expectations. It’s like MacWorld San Francisco. Every year, people had expectations on what Apple would unveil. The show was setting Apple’s schedule, not Apple. Steve will most definitely not present, he may be in the audience, but that’s doubtful.

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