RUMOR: Apple Mac mini due for update this month

“Apple introduced a new connection port called Thunderbolt with their Macbook Pros last month. Thunderbolt has replaced the Mini Display Port and will replace USB and Firewire over time. Apple will need to refresh their Macintosh product line-up to add this new port to keep the sales figures up,” Karl Johnson reports for Three Guys And A Podcast.

“The Mac Mini [sic] gets updated every 8 months on average. The last update was in June of 2010, which would put the next update around February 2011. Since it is March already, the Mac Mini has passed the average update cycle due date,” Johnson reports. “This refresh delay is probably due to the introduction of the Thunderbolt high-speed connection port for peripherals. Now that the new Macbook Pros and Thunderbolt have been released, the Mac Minis will be coming out sometime this month.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. We are, as you just did.
      But if you mean original pieces, well MDN sometimes does that with prescient commentaries from Steve Jack et al. Point is, the interweb is rife with gazillion Apple related news and fake news everyday. Why add to the garbage when you can take some of them to the cleaners while picking the best, I think it adds valuable service to the community while the ‘takes’ and the ‘Think lest you clicks’ are the gems.

    2. MDN is considered a “clipping service” or aggregator. It’s a new and information gathering organization, which brings the best of Mac-related information to your fingertips. It’s a great service they provide and their remarks at times are just classic.
      Writing articles each and every day is a very difficult task. Trust us, we know!

  1. I noticed that on the refurbished items on the Apple website they now list the Mac mini as being “Originally released June 2010” implying that there may be some update that could otherwise cause confusion with the refurbished models.

  2. definitely not 8 months or upcoming anytime soon

    mini’s have had longer periods between updates before.

    the MacPro is due for an update before the mini, along with the MacBook Air as these are better profit machines. Giving such a coveted feature to the mini is not in AAPL’s best interest

    1. IMHO it would be premature for Apple to add Thunderbolt to the Mac Mini at this time. The processor will probably be the Core i3. Hopefully Apple will throw in the AMD Radeon HD 6490M (or better) graphics processor, if it only has the Intel HD integrated graphics Apple should lower the price.

  3. Better update would be for having the same 7200 RPM HD like the server has & a SSD option.

    Core i Series CPU > I hope for Core i5 But Apple always uses last yrs tech on the Mac Mini. Most likely it will be handed down the iMAc’s Core i3 sadly.

    Faster GPU

    4 GB Standard

    Of coarse thunderbolt is also a welcome

  4. I don’t expect much for the Mac Mini. Apple treats that product like crap when it comes to performance. Best purpose for it is an unobtrusive media server.
    I sure don’t know why more businesses don’t use Mac Minis. They take up such little space, they’re quiet and basically maintenance free. Stick ’em in a corner somewhere and forget about them.

    1. I almost never use mine as a workstation, only once in a while if the iMac isn’t available. I have an old PPC mini that’s still running Leopard. As a workstation it’s not fast, but as a server it’s wonderful, and it’s true that you quickly forget it’s there. It just sits there silently and never complains. It’s been doing that for almost 6 years.
      Thunderbolt would be a very welcome addition, much more than a faster processor.

  5. I hope this will be tomorrow with the ipad. the mac mini hardware is identical to the macbook pro over the generations so it would make sense that it would shortly follow. and the mac mini is great for my high school budget.

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