The Independent foments ‘discontent’ over Apple, but presents precious little evidence

“Apple is the most respected company in the world, in the eyes of money managers consulted for a poll published this month by Barron’s, the influential American financial magazine,” Ian Burrell writes for The Independent. “In terms of wealth, it long ago surpassed Microsoft and last month topped PetroChina to become the second most valuable company on earth, trailing only Exxon Mobil. Meanwhile, a survey of young Britons, Project Chatter, revealed last week that the Apple brand was more familiar to them than any other.”

“And yet never has the business which Steve Jobs has nurtured over the past 35 years had so many enemies – and not just the other technology giants who envy its success,” Burrell writes. “Last week in Barcelona, mobile phone operators lined up to slate Apple for its ‘walled garden’ approach, which requires them to provide the infrastructure for its increasingly luxurious apps without receiving any revenue in return. Then in Berlin, publishers came forward to say how much they liked Google’s new One Pass system for charging users for internet access to their content, while others complained about the Apple offering, which was unveiled by Mr Jobs – who’s still overseeing the company despite being on medical leave – the day before and demands 30 per cent of all subscriptions sold through its App Store.”

Burrell writes, “The big question is whether this discontent – also prevalent among app developers – will filter down to the millions of people who have until now had a love affair with the unrivalled aesthetics and sheer functionality of Apple’s products; the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad.”

Read more in the full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: If all you have is one random dumb pipe complaining about nothing and “publishers” (such as The Independent) whining, then you’re pretty hard pressed for “discontent.” Instead of trying out some weak yellow journalism that will accomplish nothing beyond tarnishing your reputation, you ought to get out and look around a bit, Ian. Maybe you’ll find something meaningful to scribble about next time.

Make no mistake: Anytime you see one of these articles about publishers complaining about Apple’s App Store subscription rules, remember the source: A pathetic, bleating publisher who’d rather use Apple’s marketing power, delivery methods, and the rest of Apple’s broad, vibrant platform on the cheap or, better yet, for free. Your business model has changed, content producers, either get used to it or die – preferably silently.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe M.” for the heads up.]


  1. Went to the article to see if one can comment.

    Also to read the comments. Boy what a bunch of nerd focused Apple haters — or Trolls, not sure which.

    One kid gets a phone that his phone system does not support, he hacks it and adds tons of free hacker apps, then complains that the battery life sucks… as in apps running all the time.

    These faux nerds that hate Apple, are supersmart – yet cannot think their way out of a paper bag, just get me weary. I am going to have to quit reading them. 🙁

    Just a thought,

    1. I read the comments section and came to same conclusion. For such a group of “techies” they assume OSX is some closed system tied to the Mac app store and that you can`t do a thing without “Apple`s approval” A simple search would show just how POSIX compliant OSX is, as well as the little inconvenient truth that there are multiple package mangers out there for OSX users to take advantage of open source projects if they so desire. I also liked the comments referring to Macs as fancy white plastic boxes or something to that effect, talk about being behind the times. These folks should really do some research before posting.

      1. I run an open source multi-user virtual reality game complied in Unix on one of my old G5 towers and connected to the net. All it takes is a static IP address. OS X is simply Unix with a nice GUI on it. You’re one click from a Unix command line (the Terminal application) any time you’re in OS X. Locked up, indeed! If these morons knew anything about computers (instead of Windows) they would know better than to spout the crap they do.

          1. ssh [server name] -l [user name]

            You’ll connect to the remote unix server of your choice and be prompted for your password. From there you are logged into the server. Have fun.

            1. Totally agree Zeke. One of the reasons I bought a MBP was to have a fully warantied Unix compliant machine that if something did go wrong with it I`d get no BS regarding the software or OS I`m using, and I like its look and feel too, important if you`re using something day after day.

              The true title of this article should be:
              “Is this the start of a Mac-lash?….from Windows users?”
              I would reply yes.

  2. The Independent is so far behind the technology curve that they would rather post an app on the Android marketplace and garner four paying readers for a 10% cut than a billion new readers on the iTunes App Store and take a 30% cut because you know Android is open and Google only charges 10%.

    According to new math promulgated by the Independent, 90% of $4 is better than 70% of $1,000,000 because well because our readership numbers are falling and we just don’t know what the fsck we should do to revive it.

  3. The Independent, like all other British newspapers simply “make stuff up”. even the venerable Times just invents stories. I lived in England for 5 years and know for a fact that their newspapers are total and absolute crap. In the US there are some news organizations that are as bad: i.e. Fox News. But most of the real newspapers in the US try very hard to maintain integrity and honesty. In Britain, integrity and honesty in news does not apply. That probably explains the ludicrous world view that the Brits have: Automatically contradicting, close-minded, impossibly liberal, America-haters.

    1. You lived in the UK for 5 years and yet you understand the British so poorly. The broadsheet newspapers in the UK set standards for the rest of the publishing world including America. The heritage and tradition of the independent English language press is very much alive here in the UK. Do they always get it right…no, do the tabloids lie… yes! But generally they are fierce but fair. Unlike introspective Americans (most of whom don’t even have a passport!), Brits travel the world and their outlook comes from this. If you think Britain is overly liberal, you should try continental Europe. Perhaps it is the US which is overly illiberal and self-absorbed. I actually really like the US but it’s outrageous ignorant comments such as yours which inspires hatred of America across the whole world. Listen and learn a little from your friends in the old world

      1. You are wrong on so many levels, I’m embarrassed for you and your outrageous ignorant comments.

        The only standard set by UK newspapers is extremely low.

        And I’m not American.

  4. I’m guessing Fanbois like the Ed at MDN don’t like ANYTHING remotely critical of Apple. Now if it came from a Murdoch property- that would be completely different.
    The Independent is a well established paper and what they report here is not yellow journalism. Yellow would be Faux Newz Channel- The Font of Republican Talking Points.

  5. Nah, no chance of the “discontent” filtering down to the masses. The masses care for whoever looks after their wallets and their needs, not whether corporate fat cats have their wallies all in a knot because Apple chages an entrance fee to the world they badly want to get into.

  6. In reinventing so much of the technological/music/entertainment/commerce world, Apple inevitably affects some people’s formerly comfortable livelihood. They will also inevitable lash out.

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