Taiwanese brokerage claims Apple’s unannounced next-gen iPad ‘delayed’ from April to June

“The launch of Apple Inc’s iPad2 tablet will be delayed to June from April as maker Hon Hai faces production bottlenecks due to the device’s new design, Taiwanese brokerage Yuanta Securities said in a note,” Clare Jim and Roger Tung report for Reuters.

“Component makers had to change their production processes after Apple made design changes to the iPad2,” Jim and Tung report.

“The note said that if the launch of the iPad2 is delayed by two months, total iPad shipments would be 23 million units this year, down from the broker’s original forecast of 30.6 million units,” Jim and Tung report.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple shares are currently down $5.66, or -1.62%, to $344.90 in pre-market trading.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “PIRATzAfryki” for the heads up.]


  1. might have to look into some AAPL call options and make some money on this BS.

    i must have missed Apple’s committed April delivery data announcement……I hate it when they over-promise.

  2. Apple stopped doing the MacWorld show to get away from outsides schedules. April was never Apple’s schedule. BUT, 2 months does not open a portal into the land of innovative products for any iPad killers. A turd is a turd! People looking for an iPad will get an iPad. I am buying my 3rd iPad this week for my son’s birthday.

  3. Steve, iphone 5 delay, ipad 2 delay, iad not selling at all, short of the century.. Funny how this all happened in a 3 day timeframe. Take advantage.. I agree the 340-330 area is a bargain.

  4. Typical stock manipulation BS. Didn’t we already have an article from the NYT saying that iPad2 was already in production. Somehow they seem more reliable than an Taiwanese brokerage firm.

  5. Today, Bloomberg Technology ran this article heading, “Apple’s New IPad Shipments May Be Delayed to June, Yuanta Securities Says.” This is recursive conjecture that comes all too conveniently close to competing tablet introduction. By eliminating the “Rumor:” and “?” from the article title, it has been transformed from conjecture into a statement of fact. The blogging and financial community now have a hill and a gravity obeying snowball that will drag Apple share value down with it.

  6. In other news, the Taiwanese news site said that the ouster of Gaddafi was delayed by two weeks from this week. 

    It was expected he should go by the end of this week but if by the end of the second week from this week he was still in power, the paper reported that the United States was giving serious thought to bringing ex President Ronald Reagan back from the dead so he could send jet fighters and other warplanes flying from their British bases to bomb the shit out of Gaddafi seeing that that spineless Obama would rather sit on his hands and twaddle his butt through his pants than do something about the situation in Libya.

    Strike it out of the ballpark for the Gipper!!!

  7. This always happens. Stock gets pumped up by the brokers, they take their profits and then the whispering starts to drive the stock down.
    Unfortunately the SEC have no motivation to stop this.

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