Lady Gaga sets iTunes Store sales record with ‘Born This Way’

“In less than a week Lady Gaga has sold 1 million digital copies of her newest song, Born This Way, making it the fastest selling single ever on iTunes,” Dorothy Pomerantz reports for Forbes.

“The song has already hit No. 1 in 23 countries, according to Interscope Geffen A&M,” Pomerantz reports. “Born This Way is the first single off of Gaga’s upcoming album of the same name. Her manager, Troy Carter, has said that he wants to sell 30 million copies of the new album.”

Pomerantz reports, “But even if she doesn’t sell quite that many copies, a successful new album could put Gaga well on her way to earning $100 million next year. We estimated her earning at $62 million for our Celebrity 100 last year.”

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  1. She’s not my cup of tea, music wise, but she knows how to play the media and stay in the spotlight. Her politics are also spot on and she really doesn’t give a damn what it costs her. The speech she gave last year on marriage equality was pretty damn awesome.
    There’s more than a little bit of Steve Jobs in her- she knows how to play the media, goes her own way, follows her gut and doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the detractors.

  2. madonna is not going to do anything. i’ve always wondered what powerful person was behind the rapid rise of gaga. now we know. madonna.

    listen critically to gaga’s first album. every song is a different style. they were simply looking to see what was the most popular sound for the ‘gaga character’.

    from the beginning, the sound identity of gaga is just a copy of whatever sells.

    this time, the sound mentor (madonna) just went too far and the lessons showed too much of the originator of the style.

    lady gaga is just a puppet. she is told what to sing and how to sing.

    considering how often her face is obscured, i would not be surprised if several people have played the role of lady gaga.

    1. a puppet? Told what to sing and how? Obviously you don’t know much about Gaga or her history. She’s in TOTAL control of what she does and is behind every move. Whether or not you like her music, she is very talented and like most people who AREN’T talented, feel a need to criticize yet can’t even come close to singing a note or realize the work behind a musician. Personally, I find the new single, like many, nothing more then a tipoff of Madonna and that bugs me as she can do better. But perhaps it’s part of a bigger idea from the album. Either way, you know squat.

  3. Notice that she is listed in “Celebrity 100”, not “Singer 100” or “Talent 100”. Actually, she is talented and has a good song out of 15 she records. Sounds like a typical album these days. Buy the single.

    1. I just listened to the preview on iTunes. I take back my last line above. Do NOT buy the single. I definitely sounds like warmed over version of Madonna’s “Express Yourself”. Speaking of Madonna, I just read that Brittany Spears is doing a remake of “Ray of Light”. The 10 minute Twilo Mix of Madonna’s version is one of my favorites.

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