Microsoft to finally pull plug on ill-fated Zune?

“Over the past few days, more and more Microsoft watchers are noticing that Microsoft execs seem to be making a deliberate effort to avoid using the Z (Zune) word,” Mary Jo Foley writes for ZDNet. “That avoidance has set off a wave of speculation.”

“Some pundits claiming that Microsoft is moving to rebrand the service (Windows Live Entertainment, anyone?). Others believe Microsoft is clearing the decks to allow Microsoft’s latest and biggest Windows Phone partner Nokia to take over the streaming-music part of the service,” Foley writes. “(I’m not putting a lot of stock in that one, since Nokia recently closed the Ovi Music Streaming service.)”

Foley writes, “Some veteran Microsoft heavy-hitters are moving to the Xbox division, as I’ve blogged recently, and are seemingly working on some kind of services-focused project. And the Zune team — which Microsoft split and reorged (twice) — is already in the Interactive Entertainment Business division, which is the home of the Xbox. Maybe the Zune service will end up as part of the evolving Microsoft IPTV strategy?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Only Microsoft could have a handful of retail stores (derivative of Apple, naturally) where workers routinely outnumber customers 10-1 that offer a products like Zune, which nobody wants. As Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan routinely demonstrate so well: Far too much money combined with far too little sense is a recipe for disaster.


    1. I was told by a MS Windows Experience Evangelist…that seemed to be his actual title…Zune was never going away. One plan is to turn into an icon to signify that the device can play media and be used to purchase media.

      just my $0.02

          1. But now there’s LibreOffice, which is son-of-OpenOffice (now that Oracle have sat on OO and squashed it). I don’t recommend the current v1.0 (v3.3.0), but the development team intends to leave OpenOffice in the dust.

            AND OpenDoc continues to be the most capable, coherent, open and safe world standard office file format.

        1. Interesting.
          We run 3 very successful and growing businesses, using iWork and only iWork.
          I’m constantly turning clients on to iWork, (I act as if clients are all Apple users. If they aren’t, they ask me why I use Apple computers, and then… well … you know.)
          I guess I work close enough with clients that they see how pain-free my computing is – I’ve been responsible for many switches.
          But something else I’m noticing; More and more new clients are already Apple users before I’m involved with them.
          Here’s the biggest thing – this includes Windows-entrenched Federal government workers bringing their MacBook Pros to work.

          I guess it’s a lot easier to use iWork in the business when one is the boss, instead of having to squeeze computing elements into an existing Windows corporate structure.

      1. And its’ FREE. Can’t beat that. I install Open Office in all my client’s computers who think they need to buy Office. I tell them use it for awhile and see if you really do. Only 2 came back and needed MicroSloth Office.

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      1. Um, what?! Horses are bad tempered? Maybe your horses. Is Apple a bad tempered horse? Leaving piles of crap? And horses are expensive compared to what? Your Kia?

        *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!* Wrong answer!

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