Steve Jobs’ ‘dump’ of a house to be razed

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs is still out on medical leave, but the demolition of the mansion he reviles in the hamlet of Woodside, Calif., is expected to start soon,” Therese Poletti reports for MarketWatch. “This small town, one of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest enclaves, is giving the Apple Inc. executive his long sought-after permit to raze his Spanish Colonial revival mansion, a subject of great debate. Jobs has been seeking to demolish the long-empty 17,000 square-foot house for at least a decade.”

MacDailyNews Take: California.

Poletti continues, “[The news] may be of interest to investors, or at least Apple fans, who pounce on any tidbits about the company and its co-founder. With Jobs out on medical leave without a specific timetable to return, any word on his future plans are of interest.”

“Before demolition begins, pests have to be eliminated from the property, now in seriously dilapidated condition, thanks to what preservationists say was Jobs’s ‘demolition by neglect,'” Poletti reports. “He bought the house in 1983 and lived in it for about 10 years. But it has been mostly empty since then.”

MacDailyNews Take: Cue PETA and another decade of dicking around. The dump will be razed only when the Sun becomes a red giant.

Poletti continues, “In a rare public statement about the house at a Woodside Town Council meeting in 2005, Jobs said he bought the house with the intention of tearing it down, calling it ‘poorly built.’ ‘It was never really a very interesting house to start with,’ he told the council. ‘I think I could build something far, far nicer and far more historically interesting down the road.'”

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  1. “Before demolition begins, pests have to be eliminated from the property…”

    SHOO MUCK REPORTERS SHOO!!!! Filthy maggots. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Count down to Caterpillar diesel engagement. Listen as the clacking of tracks from some seriously heavy metal reaches out and smacks down some old status symbol! Hey, that sounds familiar.

    Watch out Microsoft, HTC, Nokia, and Rim Jobs just may send his crew over to build some quality out of those delapitated building you work out of!!!

    At least he is creating more jobs!

  3. Apparently Steve Jobs plans to go on living.

    Architectural experts do not consider the old house to have historical importance, and in fact it is was a horror even when new. I’m guessing the owners fancied themselves qualified to dictate design.

  4. The concept of preservation is neither liberal nor progressive. To conserve is not non-conservative. It is the patrician pashas of posh and exclusive Woodside that have blocked the razing of the house.

    That said, the Jackling house is butt ugly. It is historic only because it was designed by the architect who initiated the quasi-Spanishoid McMansionesque style that so many seem to like. The architect’s memory would be better served by deleting this epic fail.

    Mr. Jobs, tear down this house!

    Oh, and get well soon.

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