Apple iPad debuts on speaker’s podium in U.S. House of Representatives

“If you were watching C-SPAN on Tuesday, your eyes weren’t deceiving you: That really was an iPad on the speaker’s podium in the House of Representatives,” Patrick Gavin reports for Politico.

“The owner was Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democratic congressman from Texas and an admitted tech-geek,” Gavin reports. “‘I’ve always considered myself a techie,’ Cuellar told POLITICO. ‘I’m always looking for the newest technology out there and I’ve done that for many, many years. The iPad is just one of those fabulous pieces of equipment that’s available out there. First thing I do in the morning is get my cup of coffee and start reading the papers. … And at night, before I go to bed, I check my last e-mails and check to see if there’s any new stories online.'”

Gavin reports, “He says he’s not the only one toting the Apple gadget: ‘I’ve seen a couple of other members that have their iPads.'”

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  1. Anyone want to guess the ratio of Mac v. WinBlows use, Democrats v. Republicans?

    I’m guessing that the Republicans use the same logic on computer purchasing that they use on government spending- if it’s cheaper, it is INDUBITABLY better. “I mean, same or more ram, less cost . . . only a liberal would own one of those ‘More Pretty’ toys. Oh, and Steve Jobs probably worships the devil and unpatriotically pays his taxes in full . . . Apple should just import a cheaper CEO from China, but they won’t do it because that doesn’t makes sense to a liberal.”

  2. Jesus H Christ I wish the White House would wake up and let everyone use Macs, iPad and iPhone at work. I would like to work for that Congressman. At our place we are stuck with circa 2003 Dell P.O.S. all in ones, with file servers that can literally freeze you you out of a word doc for 30 seconds out of every minute in track changes and local file systems so corrupted the antivirus crapware runs pretty much nonstop. And yet politics in this godforsaken country is so fucked up that the President spending a measly few million bucks on 21st century gear for his own people would be twisted by his opponents into some awful symbol of government run amuck rather than just people trying to get some shit done at the office like any other Joe Blow does all day. God help the USA.

  3. If all Senators and Congressmen and their staffs were issued iPads, think of the millions of dollars the country would save in printing!

    (Not to mention the trees.)

  4. @White House Intern,
    I’m sympathetic of the need to upgrade the White House computers, but maybe more Americans would be sympathetic if President Obama weren’t spending trillions like a drunken sailor.
    Seriously, how can you work for this White House?

  5. Seriously, how can you work for this White House?

    Well, maybe he/she has a sense of public service and prefers to go out there and make a difference in accordance with his/her political beliefs.

    As opposed to being an armchair critic who believes that, if you don’t believe in his/her narrow world view, you shouldn’t do anything.

  6. Where is the MacBook or MacBookPro in which the screen is a detachable iPad? You can now dock your iPad into your MacBook/MacBookPro base when the full blown power of a laptop is needed. How nifty is that? Then simply pop the screen off when the ultra power portability of the iPad is what you’re after. Incredible!

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