NetApplications: Apple’s iOS Internet share growth: 216% in last 12 months

NetApplications’ November 2010 operating systems report, data from visits to some 40,000 client websites around the world, shows “some dramatic changes,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“The most striking is the growth of Apple’s iOS — the operating system that drives the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It now accounts for 1.36% of global Internet traffic according to NetApplications, up .93 points (216%) year over year,” P.E.D. reports. “Google’s Android still trails at 0.31%, but its percentage increase… [accounts] for most of the 108.5% increase in the ‘Others’ category.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We are watching the personal computing paradigm shift before our very eyes.

NetApplications’s Nov. 2010 OS breakdown:


  1. Curious thing happened 2 days ago while walking through the major electronics markets in Pudong and Xujiahui in Shanghai. I went to buy cables, a harddisk and RAM sticks.

    While 5 months ago I could walk to almost any stall to buy them, now there were iPads everywhere. I asked one of the vendors what happened and he said: “iPad/iPhone basically killed the PC market. People were mainly using PCs for entertainment and shopping, but now they can do everything with iOS devices. So instead of buying a new PC they now get an iPad and whatever things the still need to do with a PC they use their old one”. That might explain why my Webmaster friend said XP/IE6 will probably stay as a China standard for a loooong time.

    It was weird to see whole floors emptied out of stalls that used to sell keyboards, PC cases, fans, displays, etc. Now it was mostly wireless routers and iPads. I believe iOS will be very big in China next year.

  2. NetApps changed their methodology a couple years ago. They no longer report their raw traffic data. The raw data had Mac OS over 10%. Now it’s been halved. What do they do?

    They use the CIA World Factbook’s data on internet populations. The data can be 3 years old. The data equates a farmer in China who might use the net once in 3 months with a cybergeek in the US who might use the net 24/7.

    In other words NetApps data has become utter crap, and undercounts Mac OS and iOS.

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