Analyst sees Apple doubling its sales to $200 billion by 2015

“Apple could more than double its sales by 2015 to $200 billion, said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster,” Owen Thomas reports for VentureBeat.

“That growth estimate, defying skeptics who believe iPhone sales will stumble, would come largely on the growth of iPhone sales, from a forecast of 36 million in 2010 to 185 million in 2015, according to Munster’s projections,” Thomas reports. “Apple’s iOS operating system for the iPhone and other mobile devices will share a large part of the market with Google’s rival Android operating system, squeezing out smaller players like BlackBerry and Symbian, and should have more than a quarter of the smartphone market by 2015.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. That seems like a conservative estimate to me. Who out there can design and engineer new products like Apple? No one I think. They have had the best OS at least since the time OSX came out (probably long before that). They have developed by far the best mobile smart phone operating system in iOS. They are continuing to meld the two together. They, as the only true innovators, have left the competition in the dust and are widening the gap.

    If Apple begins to enforce their patents, everyone trying to catch up by copying them will be in big trouble.

    It reminds me of Russia and the USA back in the days of the arms race. Every time the US came out with a new plane, Russia would come out with a copy, only the copy did not have the electronics sophistication of the original because they were having more difficulty copying that.

  2. $100 million I think is an achievable target mid-term, i.e. next 2-3 years. $200 million is a bit far fetched. Apple will need to sell 8 million Macs a quarter which is something not even Steve Jobs dreams about, given the fancy sticker prices he insists on putting on every Mac.

  3. Apple has been trading in a $300-320 range and has resisted closing below $300 for some time now even in the nasty markets of November. Apple is as of this post above $318 and will probably close above $320 in the next week or so. If it can sustain the price, we should see the price continue to climb through the shopping season.
    My $.02, & I bought my 1st Apple stock in 2001 @ about $10/ share.

  4. The headline is wrong MDN you missed out the could. Apple’s turnover (ha) in 2010 was $65B not $100B.

    Apple could achieve this with just over 25% growth per year. Want to start the $1000 per share iCal sweepstake?

  5. WHAT, APPL has only made money on the when the world market is down. So invest because the government and banks put the big f**King in your back pocket. I guess I should have said banks first.

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