Apple TV users reporting HDMI issues, long rental waits

“Early adopters of Apple’s second-generation Apple TV are reporting issues with streaming HD rentals and problems completing “HDMI handshakes” between the new Apple TV and their HD TVs,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“Several discussion threads on Apple’s support forums related to issues with HD rentals not loading and HDMI connectivity problems have reached hundreds of posts in length as increasing numbers of Apple TV owners report having trouble with the device,” Ong reports.

“Some users report that Apple TV displays HD rental wait times of hundreds of minutes, while other video, such as trailers, HD Netflix movies, and YouTube begin playing after just a few minutes,” Ong reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV 2nd-gen owners? Are you seeing either of these issues? We are not seeing either with our 2nd-gen (or our 1st-gen) Apple TVs.


  1. I own one a 2nd gen AppleTV (latest firmware) and I don’t have any issues with HDMI with my Vizio 32″ tv (4yrs old). Every now and then the Netflix movies loose the audio (I just “rewind” and it re-syncs) but the image continues to have the same quality. This is a small problem that doesn’t affect my satisfaction with the AppleTV.

  2. I am experiencing long rental wait times of over hundreds of minutes on both my Gen1 and Gen2 Apple TVs. I haven’t been able to rent a movie for the past month.

    I just bought the Gen2 Apple TV in November and I started experiencing slow download times on my Gen1 in October. Youtube downloads and streaming is fine.

  3. Meanwhile Apple has given you the opportunity to beam elevator music to your TV via AirPlay as a mood modifier while waiting 20 minutes for your movie to load. That coupled with a couple of shots of Tequila sunrise & Quaalude should calm you down.

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