Google starts rolling out Adobe Flash Player sandboxing in Chrome

“Since this past March, we’ve been working closely with Adobe to allow Flash Player to take advantage of new sandboxing technology in Chrome, extending the work we’ve already done with sandboxing for HTML rendering and JavaScript execution,” Justin Schuh and Carlos Pizano report via the Chromium Blog.

“This week, we’re excited to roll out the initial Flash Player sandbox for our dev channel users on Windows XP, Vista and 7,” Schuh and Pizano report. “This initial Flash Player sandbox is an important milestone in making Chrome even safer. In particular, users of Windows XP will see a major security benefit, as Chrome is currently the only browser on the XP platform that runs Flash Player in a sandbox.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, that’s not true: Apple’s Mobile Safari was the first to sandbox Adobe Flash – straight to B.F. Egypt where it belongs.


  1. It’s a nice way of saying “hey Adobe Flash you suck! so we’re not going to make you a true extension or add-on but surround you with a mote and relegate you back to the animation gifs that you are” by Google.

    Look for the next security hole in Chrome to come from Flash, or Adobe to open up a Chrome tab as full-screen as full-on AIR browser with several sub-tabs and says, “Howdy user! You don’t need the rest of Chrome, just surf inside this player.”

  2. I’m running 10.6.5 and latest Safari upgrade and click to flash and Flash is still crashing my Mac. Last time it locked up the whole machine and had to reboot. Sandboxing flash does not work!

  3. Actually kids, you can play with Flash creating its own sandboxing, which is one of the intended features of the new Flash Player beta v10.2, available now. No Chrome required. Will it work? Did Adobe get a clue? **SUSPENSE**

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