Motorola’s chief talks 4G phones and threat of Verizon iPhone

“Motorola’s co-CEO Sanjay Jha dropped strong hints of future plans, as well as those from Apple, at the Credit Suisse conference on Wednesday,” Electronista reports. “The leader of the soon to be independent mobile firm confirmed that he was onboard with Verizon’s LTE plans and would have smartphones and other devices ‘early next year.'”

Electronista reports, “Jha was publicly anxious about the prospect of a Verizon iPhone. He warned that there might be a new ‘competitive dynamic’ at Verizon in early 2011 that would damage Motorola’s business. He didn’t clarify whether or not he had any advance knowledge from Verizon, although he may have also been acting on mounting expectations.”

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  1. Jack Welch had a single rule for GE.

    Every major product line had to be #1 or @2 in its field or they dump it to the M&A department.

    Where is MotoMobile?

    It is nowhere near 1st or 2nd. Maybe 5th or 6th?

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