Forget Chrome. Try the best new Mac browser

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Now there’s a browser for Mac users that’s made specifically to enhance your online social life. Speedy. Stable. Secure. Social. One app. One click,” Ron McElfresh reports for Mac360.

“This year, Flock divorced Firefox. Now it’s married to Google’s Chrome browser,” McElfresh reports. “Chrome is based on WebKit, the engine in Apple’s Safari browser.”

McElfresh reports, “The new Flock 3 still integrates a number of social web sites into browser windows and handy, tool-like sidebars. There’s support for Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to mention a few. Flock on Chrome is easier to use, fast, stable, secure, slimmed down, and with fewer features. So, why bother with yet another free browser on your Mac? Because you love being a social animal and it’s nice to socialize from one single app, rather than many apps.”

Read more in the full article, which includes screenshots, here.


  1. forget chrome? I can’t. obviously you don’t know what internet browser is the best in the market. safari? no thank you. flock? no. it is your case. don’t try to tell us what is the best. everybody is different. I hate facebook. twitter stuff. so shut up.

  2. Meet the Flockers. This Flock is better than the old Flock. Less clutter, easier to use, faster. What would be cool is if the Flock sidebar had a MDN button with auto login, and auto comment field for each MDN article. That would be a pretty slick option.

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