Acer chief: Our tablets will overtake Apple’s iPad

Apple Online Store“You certainly can’t accuse Acer’s top suit Gianfranco Lanci of lacking ambition. Having outed two new Android tablets, a smartphone/tablet hybrid and a new Windows effort this week, he reckons his company can take Apple’s tablet top spot within two to three years,” Joe Minihane reports for T3.

MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed with gusto.

Minihane reports, “Speaking to Digitimes, Lanci was in bullish mood. ‘Sales of iPad pushed forward very fast initially, but have slowed down in the past few weeks,’ he said. However, there’s no proof that the latter is the case, with Apple having sold around 7.5 million since its launch in April.”

MacDailyNews Take: Proof, who needs proof when you’re the head of a plastic junk assembler?

Minihane reports, “Warming to his theme, Lanci said, ‘We hope our tablet PCs can reach a global market share of 10-20% initially, and become the market leader in two to three years.’ That’s mighty ambitious seeing as Acer’s tablets aren’t even due to go on sale until April next year, by which point the iPad 2 will probably be on shelves.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Classic. We can’t wait to revisit this one!


  1. You know, you almost have to feel sorry for these guys who head companies who want to compete with the iPad… almost. I mean, what are they going to say, that they’ll never catch up or that their R&D teams and products they produce just can’t compete with Apple’s? They have to sound positive and confident no matter what the reality may be so that their investors and board members don’t lose confidence in them and can their asses. For some, it’s also a matter of pride. Pointless pride, but still pride.

    Really, I do hope that another company does come up with something competitive – if only to keep Apple on their toes.

  2. Acer is one of the lazy companies that relies completely on a third party (Google or Microsoft) for something as critical to its product as the operating system. Even if they could engineer the hardware, they will only be as good as whatever Google and Microsoft can provide, and they will be competing NOT with Apple, but with every other lazy company who is dependent on Google and/or Microsoft.

  3. Good grief – it’s the Ghost of Ed Colligan ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Surely delusions like those expressed by Lanci are now treatable with drugs?


  4. Apple competes with itself. Therefore, it leads.

    Example, the iPod mini. Why discontinue it? It was a great seller.

    When Apple introduced the iPod nano, all of Apple’s “competitors” were still trying to come up with an “iPod mini killer”.

    Oooops, too late!

    It would be interesting to see some other ‘good’ ideas, if only for some variance. But, not because Apple needs external motivations.

  5. Wall Street loves hubris (which is lead them to drive the world into the economic ravine we’re going through now), and this guys is smart enough to know it. Wall Street will reward his words on Monday. This guy also knows how people have enormously short attention span (present company notwithstanding), so whatever grand statements that he made today that end up sounding hopelessly ridiculous six, nine or twelve months from now will by then be irrelevant, as nobody will ever remember that he said them (again, present company notwithstanding). More than likely, even if someone like MDN ever gets to call him on these, he will effortlessly dance around them and twist them a bit into something more palatable to the state of failure his product will be in by then. He can always do what the previous American did — follow the golden rule: “When you’re losing, pretend you’re winning!” (“Mission Accomplished!”).

    There still aren’t any competing tablet operating systems. Google is promising that their Chrome OS will some day be ready for tablets, and possibly also Android 3.x (gingerbread? honeycomb?), while nobody is taking seriously Microsoft’s claim regarding Windows 7 for tablets. So, Acer looks like they’ll stick with Google, which means that they won’t even have a viable OS to work with until Apple ships iPad 2.

    This will be fun to watch. I should better pull up a chair and make some popcorn…

  6. Duh. Overtaking MAC’s I-Pad couldn’t be easier and I would say Acer should be able to do it with one stylus tied behind its back. Should only take about 6 months. How many pretentious MAC lemmings can there be to buy a proprietary, button challenged toy?

    I-Pad is a minor fad and its cool factor decreases by the day with all the awesome and innovative Android and Windows 7 tablets being released. Buh-bye MAC.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

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