Excitement runs high ahead of News Corp.‘s launch of ‘The Daily’ iPad ‘newspaper’

Apple Online Store“Donald Trump, Mike Bloomberg and Martha Stewart were among the regulars of the New York Post’s waspish Page Six gossip column who turned out at a New York party on Tuesday for Richard Johnson, its editor,” Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Joseph Menn, Tim Bradshaw, and Esther Bintliff report for The Financial Times.

“Mr Johnson is among a band of journalists hired to launch a newspaper, The Daily, and the turnout reflected anticipation about its prospects,” the quartet reports. “Launches have become rare in the bombed-out newspaper landscape but Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp empire, which stretches from the UK’s The Times to the Wall Street Journal, is pitching The Daily as a national title, designed – at least initially – for Apple’s iPad tablet computer.”

People familiar with the project deny rumours that Mr Murdoch and Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, could announce The Daily on stage in December, saying that a new year launch is looking more likely,’ the quartet reports. “However, they confirmed that News Corp would invest $30m in the first year, that it would charge 99 cents a week and that its style would be that of a mid-market tabloid, somewhere between the Post and the UK’s Daily Mail.”

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  1. Unlike Mikey I appreciate the balance Mr. Murdoch’s media outlets bring to the overtly lopsided table. I’m sure however that Mikey gets his fill of accurate news from outlets such as the New York Time, The LA Times, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Salon, NPR, MSNBC, CNN and so forth and so on.

    Nonetheless I find the use of the term “excitement” questionable. All news media sucks and sucks bad these days and I find the term “excitement” is probably an exaggeration with regard to yet another source for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

    “Curiosity” would probably be a better word. How will this new publication take advantage of the strengths of the iPad in ways that others have not?

  2. to all you douches who reflexively post about “‘faux’ news” every time murdoch’s name is mentioned.. well, that’s it actually, I just wanted to let you know you’re douches. do these posts even make it up to your brainstem before you finish them? you’re worse than the right wing nuts and the kool aid drinking cultists of the world. please stop existing.

  3. I’m with you, Mikey. I will not give a muckraker and propagandist, lime Murdoch, a cent. I will get my news from legitimate news media such as: The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, ABC,NBC and ABC and yes…. NPR (with or without Juan Williams). Murdoch’s faux news is a shameful blitz of lies to incite and curry money and corporate power; not the truth. The Onion is a better source of news over Fox and the like.

  4. Apparently some people believe no news is good news.
    Others only want it from the source that tells them what they want to hear.

    I think this could be good for the iPad initially and news reporting (via newspapers and local broadcasters combined) in the long run.

    More diversity equals more information.
    Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t newsworthy.

    I don’t personally know of anyone that watches Fox News for some or most of their news that aren’t aware that it is tilted to the right.

    I have met many in my life that don’t know most other media is left leaning.

    So, yes, if all you do is watch Fox News, then you won’t get the full picture.

    You’ll end up like the less informed who take their gospel from only the left.

  5. “somewhere between the Post and the UK’s Daily Mail.”

    Well, I have no idea what the Post may be like but the UK’s Daily Mail is total shite, full of xenophobic nonsense aimed at ‘Hyacinth Bucket’-type bigots with limited vocabularies.

    I, for one, will be avoiding this like the plague.

    What on earth are you thinking Steve? I thought you stood for taste and quality.

  6. “Donald Trump, Mike Bloomberg and Martha Stewart” – the cream of the crap. Steve, you need to carefully guard your health after an organ transplant. Something like E.Coli would surely kill you, no matter how clean Rectal Murdoch says he is.

  7. On second thought, this would save me some time in the Express Checkout lane. Why scan the headlines of the National Enquirer when I could read this rag? Endorsed by an ex-con and someone with a deep pile head from Color Tile. From the Capitalist mogul who introduced our children to a “Cleveland Steamer” through “Family Guy” – “God Bless America….”

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