Google TV pretty much shut out after Viacom blocks access

Apple Online Store“Google TV was dealt another major blow on Sunday after viewers discovered that Viacom had blocked the platform on its networks,” Electronista reports.

“Websites for Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and other networks now show that the ‘content is unavailable for your device’ rather than loading the Flash video,”Electronista reports. “It joins blocks from Fox, NBC, SyFy, ABC and CBS and now virtually leaves just Turner as one of the major networks allowing Google TV.”

MacDailyNews Take: Introducing Turner TV by Google, home of Our Lady of Perpetual Beta.™ Hope you like the Braves. wink

Electronista reports, “The lack of content from major providers has gutted much of the platform’s advantage for Internet video.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You don’t want the over-priced half-assery of Google TV, you want an Apple TV.


  1. With almost every Apple product, as time goes by, the product becomes better thanks to frequent software updates that add features and functionality.

    And here, we have a product that in its very short life span has lost almost all of its original functionality, thanks to Google’s ‘perpetual Beta’ strategy.

    When your product lives or dies depending on agreements with others, you may want to make sure you actually HAVE some agreements in place before you launch the product.

  2. I certainly believe that GoogleTV is half-baked, but I’m also mystified by the networks obstinacy. Google is simply slinging content from the internet to your TV. If the net-dorks are monetizing the internet content, then they should be able to monetize the same content on your TV. If they aren’t monetizing their own internet content, then why do they allow it?

    If Google were blocking the ads or pop-ups or banners, I could understand a reluctance on their part but Google is simply shoveling everything from the computer screen to the TV screen. (And I do mean “shovelling!”)

    Google might be dumb, but the networks are dumber.

  3. Can’t wait for Santa to bring me one of these! Hopefully some level of functionality will remain by Christmas Day. Do you think the keyboard will still work by then or will John Dvorak sue for copyright infringement and have it deactivated? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. It’s just like with Apple, the networks smell money, even though they give the video away for free on the net, they see Google has billions and they want a cut. I feel bad for Google, but only a little bit. I think they owe buyers of GTV refunds plus penalties!

  5. Maybe it is time to unveil the Apple iDish! The multidirectional dish antenna with the free broadcast media source for your Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The rest you get from iTunes and that big BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM.

  6. Perhaps, like Apple, Google should have cut deals with the networks and cable providers they were intending to siphon content from.

    Apple has been able to provide so much content because they negotiate BEFORE announcing/releasing a product or service.

    Google, like Microsoft, assumed they could simply ram Google TV down the throats of content providers and take what they wanted.

    Whether or not the content is already available for “free” or not, at least putting up an effort to involve cable providers may have convinced them not only to agree, but directly support G-TV.

  7. @Mr. Reee
    Google did try to negotiate with content providers. But after seeing what Eric T Mole did when he was on the board of Apple, they decided that dealing with MacBeth would only end up with one of them having a knife sticking out of their back. Beware the Trojan bearing gifts in the shape of a horse.

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