Survey suggests third of Android owners really want an Apple iPhone

“A survey conducted by a mobile phone comparison website called MyPhoneDeals reckons that many Android owners would much rather have an iPhone, truth be told,” Davey Winder reports for PC Pro. “Interestingly, the reverse is not true. MyPhoneDeals found Android owners some four times more likely to covet an iPhone than iPhone owners were to desire an Android handset. Apparently a third of the Android-owning folk asked said they wanted an iPhone, and 7% of iPhone owners actually said they would prefer an Android model thank you very much.”

Winder reports, “The figures coming out of this poll (which doesn’t appear to be available online, sorry folks) rather surprisingly also suggest that only 16% of people would ‘most like to own’ an Android smartphone.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: WInder tries to rationalize, but the fact remains: Why would anybody settle for a knockoff when they can have the original? This – along with other similar studies’ findings (see related articles below) – bodes very poorly for Android when iPhone goes multi-carrier in the huge U.S. market.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ll bet that 95% of you have never really looked at a current Android OS phone. I have a G2 and can easily say I like it better than the iPhone 4 I gave up a month ago. People know a little something about what you’re talking about before you say such stupid things.

  2. Yes steve32465. Manure is “bullshit” and people have a bad experience when they put it to their ear and talk into it.

    Do you have or have you ever owned an iPhone? Watch and see what happens to the Android when Verizon iPhone hits the market.

  3. I’d love an iPhone. I have an Android.


    Because I can’t pay ridiculous prices for phone service that AT&T charges and then their coverage in my area is more than lacking.

  4. steve32465, why did you return the iPhone 4? We have several in our house and converted several people to the iPhone over the years. My 2 and 3 year old grand daughters have used our for most of their lives. They are pretty good at it and prefer the iPads when they are offered.

    If your issue was the AT&T service. Verizon will offer you the solution in a few months. The iPhone is international any should be judged by what it is not by the carrier. AT&T is not an international issue or a long term issue. Just a company crushed by the usage of an innovative phone and device.

  5. Hey Jersey, not only have I owned an iPhone… I’ve owned everyone since the first (which was given to me by Apple since I worked for them for 7+ years) I own and iPad and 3 MacBook Pro’s. So I think I’m qualified to give an honest opinion. As for what will happen when iPhone hits Verizon and any other carrier? Who cares. Apple will sell a lot of them and the Android will continue to sell a lot too. I see RIM being the looser here. When Apple decides to put a decent size screen on the iPhone 4″ or better and fix the stupid antenna issue (yes it is a problem, even with a bumper) I’ll take another look.

  6. “I’ll bet that 95% of you have never really looked at a current Android OS phone.”

    Tell us, “steve,” WHICH of the dozens of Android phones do you own and recommend? Or are they ALL the same? (Are all Windoze PCs THE SAME?)

    So, which one do YOU have, sir? And what, pray tell, makes it so superior to the iPhone? Please, PLEASE, do not say it’s the OS, for we all know that’s b*llsh*t. It’s the cost that makes your phone “superior,” isn’t it? Can’t afford an iPhone? Then hate it and post your vitriol on MDN.

    Can’t wait to hear back from you, steve. (SPECIFICS, please.)

  7. I sold it for two reasons. I went to work for T-Mobile and had to get to know my product. I was reluctant to part with the iPhone and swore that I’d keep my iPhone and pay AT&T to still use my iPhone for personal use, but after a few weeks I found my self forwarding all of my calls to the G2 and not missing the iPhone more and more as time went on. The one thing that I couldn’t deal with was the terrible Blue Tooth reception on my iPhone. I couldn’t put the iPhone in the opposite pocket from the side my earpiece was on with out the BT disconnecting! I also couldn’t move more than a few feet from it without people telling me I was breaking up. Yes I tried several BT headsets and it never got better. The iPhone 4 has some serious issues.

    Also, why is it that it’s only when I’m talking to iPhone users on my Android that the call gets dropped and not when I’m talking to others on AT&T w/o an iPhone. This is not just a AT&T problem. It’s a phone problem.

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