New Zealand’s Prime Minister, President of Russia Medvedev bond over Apple iPad

Apple Online Store“The President of Russia carries an iPad, and pretty nifty he is at using it – as John Key found out during the Apec leaders’ dinner on Saturday night,” John Armstrong reports for The New Zealand Herald.

“New Zealand’s Prime Minister was seated next to Dmitry Medvedev and spotted the iPad, so Mr Medvedev pulled up the Kremlin’s website,” Armstrong reports.

“Up came a photo of Mr Key and Mr Medvedev shaking hands just hours earlier after the pair announced New Zealand and Russia would start negotiating a free trade agreement,” Armstrong reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. The instant intuitive operation, usage and control by all that pick it up are testament to the ingenious design and functionality of the one and only Revolutionary Apple iPad.

  2. I guess our president won’t be having this type of fun trying to make trade agreements because he thinks these of information devices are a “distraction” and he doesn’t know how to use it. His words not mine.

    I only make this remark because in the full article it made a comment that our two leaders had “quite a chat” about trade. Meaning we took a bashing from him cause our economy is only getting worse.

  3. @X,
    Though I probably agree with your politics, keep it off of MDN, please!!
    We come here to enjoy and discuss Apple products, not to hear each others’ political rants.

  4. You know, there are things Obama should be slammed over, and there are places it should be done. It seems to me this site is not the place, and most of you are so clueless you slam him falsely when there are real things you could go after him for. But then, if you had the insight to do that, you wouldn’t be prattling on the way you do, ignoring the massive problems your own side created and would exacerbate.

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