Microsoft ad jabs Apple; shows Mac envious of Windows 7’s Blu-ray

Electronista reports, “Microsoft last night posted a video taking a mild jab at Apple for the lack of Blu-ray on Macs. The roughly minute-long spot personifies a MacBook and a Windows 7 notebook on a flight and has the Windows system play a Blu-ray copy of Avatar that the both of them enjoy. The Mac isn’t criticized but is clearly envious, saying that the movie is ‘so cool.'”

“Microsoft’s promo notably omits the [Mac users’] download option, which would negate some of the advantage. iTunes is currently limited to 720p instead of Blu-ray’s 1080p, but both can produce surround sound and have access to special features. The Windows 7 user would have access to other digital movie stores, but with Blu-ray would have to purchase the disc to practically take it on a flight as well as own a heavier, relatively expensive notebook,” Electronista reports. “The Mac user could rent an iTunes download and wouldn’t need an optical drive at all or to chew battery life through spinning an optical drive.”

Full article, with the video, here.


  1. Plastic boxes are yesterday, kids.
    No, MS put that on tv.
    When you get BETTER than blu-ray with a “quick download, You let me know.
    I DON’T CARE about watching Blu-ray on a laptop/desktop. I want to EDIT and burn to a MAC OS supported built-in Br burner.
    You DON’T NEED drm for that !!! Avchd from the start was made to capture,edit, and burn to Br. I’m thinking of getting Sony’s ax2000. But Panasonic’s new 3d camera, And Sony”s ax2000 new camera, are listed on their website’s as having NO mac support! Let’s get this sraight. No Mac OS supported built-in Blu-ray burner– No upgrade from my G5. Apple WAS KING with imovie and firewire….but now? You’re slipping Apple—Give people what they want, or ignore them, and treat them like shit.
    What? I’m the ONLY one that wants this with FCE? Maybe pc?

  2. P.S
    With Disc Copy you CAN record your Br to hard disk, I believe.( I may be wrong)
    Again, I don’t care about watching Br on a laptop/desktop.

    Anyone have anything to say about “rolling shutter” unintentional special effects? Hope companies fix this quick.

  3. Is Blu-ray support missing from OS X or is it simply that Apple doesn’t sell BTO machines with a Blu-ray drive? If it’s an OS issue, then MS has an argument (albeit a weak one).

  4. I looked at $100 Bluray players in Walmart last week, but was not sure why I needed one.

    I also looked at 16 and 32 GB SD cards costing $10 to 20 that fit in my laptop and are easier to carry than optical disks.

  5. Apple will never bring Blu-ray playback support to Mac OS X. This is the “bag of hurt” Steve was referring to, and it includes licensing, deep kernel-level DRM control, hardware, etc. Apple carefully analysed their audience and determined (correctly) that the number of people who want to watch HD Blu-ray content on their Macs is negligible. Same approach as when they eliminated ExpressCard slot from MBP, FireWire from MB, full-size keyboard from iMacs, etc.

    As for Blu-ray authoring, I firmly believe there would be enough of an audience for Apple to consider it. I mean, if they can put so much effort into developing and improving GarageBand (how many of you here play/record music or podcasts??), surely there would be enough people interested in burning HD video on optical media for sharing. On Windows, there are at least half a dozen major players offering end-to-end NLE packages. Apple shouldn’t let Adobe clean up Mac market with their Premiere Elements.

  6. @Predrag

    Sorry for the lack of detail, well, it was a combination of things (no particular order):

    – Lack of Blu-ray support
    – Very slow DVD copy speeds under Mac OS X
    – General document compatibility (wanted it to be seamless and it’s just not)
    – iWork Numbers is just not better than Microsoft Excel (Windows edition) for hard core use
    – Network file copy is atrociously slow on Mac OS X
    – Broader third-party device support on Windows, including eSATA and USB 3.0
    – Windows 7 UI is aesthetically pleasing to me as a work environment
    – Price point better on PC platform (more power for same or less cost)

    For me it’s not about brand loyalty, or being different, just looking for the best tool for me to do my work and enjoy all my media (not just media from the Apple ecosystem). Right now, a PC with Windows 7 seems to be doing the trick.

  7. Yes I’m a Mac user…
    Maybe you should have read what I said. I have NEVER purchased or rented anything from iTunes… Movie/tv anyway.

    I rip or download something I want to watch.

    And “if I can bring a cd” ???
    Again… I download/rip what I bring. No disc period.

    I also said I would like to see a blu ray OPTION on an iMac. Not MacBooks.

    Those that were talking about streaming is better than blu ray… I just said that not everyone has Internet access 100% of the time, hence the commercial was set on an airplane.

    Streaming is fine if you do have Internet, high speed anyway.

  8. Aside from my corporate gig, I do a fair number of custom freelance builds/installs on the side, usually in the $2k-$4k price range. I can count on one hand the number of users that have asked for BD optical units installed. No one seems to care.

    I’m all about choice in computing, but if BD functionality is a selling point of Windows, it’s not a very good one.

  9. I prefer Blu-ray.

    Cloud crap, not so much.

    Apple doesn’t seem to care, as they can make more money off cloud services (.mac).

    Oh well. I like OS X and will fork over some $$$ for an external BR player/burner.

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