Pogue takes Samsung’s ‘iPad copycat’ Galaxy Tab out into public (with video)

The New York Times’ David Pogue takes Samsung’s Galaxy Tab iPad wannabe out in public:

Direct link here.


  1. Don’t get me wrong I think the iPad is the best thing since sliced bread. Of course I will give recognition to genius where it is due. But to take away choice & to replace it with an option forced down your throat such as the removal of the physical orientation switch under iOS 4.2 is just plain stupid.

  2. Very funny. At Christmas, which do you think your child will want? Child abuse. If it isn’t from Apple with an Apple logo on it, make sure you blame it on Santa.

    Letter to Santa:

    “Dear Santa, what were you thinking. I really wanted an iPad. Maybe next year?”

  3. Sounds like “anti-Apple Andy” has lost his voice from yelling at all the iPad “sheep.” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. @ Ballmer’s left nut
    Apple ‘forced’ us to use a mouse
    Apple ‘forced’ us to abandon the 5 1/4″ floppy
    Apple ‘forced’ us to abandon the 3 1/2″ floppy
    Apple ‘forced’ us to abandon optical drives
    Apple ‘forced’ us to live without the BluRay bag of hurt
    Apple ‘forced’ us to move away from crashing power hungary FLASH
    Apple ‘forced’ us to stop using a mouse and use our fingers
    Apple ‘forced’ us to move technology forward and abandon Luddites

  5. Ballmer’s Left Nut, (there’s a name I didn’t think I’d write today) They didn’t take away the orientation switch, they just moved it. It will now be in the mult-tasking toolbar next to the iPod controls. Basically matching where it is on the iPhone now.

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