D.A. close to determining whether to file criminal charges over leaked Apple iPhone 4 prototype

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “For months, little news has surfaced about the police investigation into the sale last spring of a lost prototype iPhone 4,” Greg Sandoval reports for CNET. “That may soon change.”

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Stephen Wagstaffe, chief deputy district attorney for San Mateo County, Calif., told CNET today that police are close to wrapping up their theft investigation and could forward their final report to his office within the next few weeks,” Sandoval reports. “Wagstaffe will then review the information and determine whether to file criminal charges.”

Sandoval reports, “As part of the investigation, police interviewed a ‘number of Apple employees’ and other people connected to the case, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Wagstaffe said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gawker media properties and credible Apple reporting; never the twain shall meet.


  1. Theft is theft, but this is on a much higher level.
    He knew full well what it was and chose to do it anyways.
    Exposing company traits and secrets is a no-no.

    The fact that some honest person lost his phone, this guy finds it, and exploits the fact that he KNOWS its lost. I hope he made an example of.

    but if this was real life and i lost my cell phone, if the same situation would occur nothing would come of it, maybe a little tap on the wrist because im the general public. These same actions should be taken to all stolen or Lost (with no intentions of finding the owner) should be rung out the legal system for theft over $500.

  2. And New Media Douchebags like Jizzmodo can’t understand why they are persona non grata at Apple events. They are a collection of asshole fratboys with a blog, their purchase of stolen property (which these morons then broke!) was made even more egregious by the fact that in defiance of any taste, logic or class, they outed the poor bastard who lost the phone. They caused public and professional embarrassment purely for Jizzmodo’s own gain. I stopped loading their homepage and stopped going to any Gawker “media” sites. I urge others to do the same.

  3. There should be some kind of consequence for this for either knowingly retaining stolen property, or for having stolen it outright from the engineer. Journalists are not above the law.

  4. @His Shadow

    Totally agree. I’ve done the same, but had been visiting much less in the months before this episode.

    Gizmodo made their name taking a TV Zapper to Las Vegas and turning off projectors in the middle of people’s speeches. They then got back all respect and a ‘free pass’ for some time for coming up with TSFU, that was creative. (Their use of “pew pew”, from time to time wasn’t all that bad either.)

    But after their TSFU free pass expired quite some time ago I visited less and less. Now never and hope their all of Gawker goes down for this. It will make the internet a much better place.

    Speaking of ‘free passes’: Apple still has a few years on their “they need competition in order to progress” free pass they received when the replaced the iPod mini. This iPhone 4 just renewed it for many more years.

  5. @SB Surfer – Looking at the new nano, which will become the Dick Tracy wrist radio, actually FaceTime everywhere, I’d say their free pass has a lot of time left on it.

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