Analyst: Apple’s confidential deal with Rovi Corp. evidence of forthcoming Apple HDTV

Apple Online Store“Apple’s newly announced confidential deal with Rovi Corporation has been viewed by one prominent Wall Street analyst as more evidence of a connected HDTV, with live TV and DVR functionality, in the company’s future,” AppleInsider reports.

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“Analyst Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray believes that the secretive deal announced Monday is evidence of a forthcoming HDTV from Apple,” AppleInsider reports. “Rovi is the creator of an interactive program guide that has been licensed by cable and satellite operators, as well as set-top box makers.”

AppleInsider reports, “‘We believe this announcement is further evidence that Apple is developing live TV and DVR features for its Apple TV product, and will likely launch and all-in-one Apple Television in the next 2-4 years,’ Munster wrote in a note to investors. ‘Following its deal with Rovi, Apple would be clear to add live TV, DVR and guidance features to its Apple TV product, which we believe is a critical step towards an all-in-one Apple Television.'”

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  1. “As 9 to 5 Mac points out, Apple is already a customer of Rovi, which reportedly provides metadata for iTunes Store content. Consequently, it is unclear whether today’s announcement is even related to anything substantial or if it simply an extension of the two companies’ existing agreements. ”

  2. Steve strongly believes a person turns their brain off when in front of a TV. Steve has stated he likes to build computers and such so people can do things where they do not turn their brains off. Steve has stated he does not support building a product like a TV. Anyone who thinks Apple is going to build a TV anytime soon needs to do *much, much* better research into what makes Steve tick.

    Bottom Line: Do Not expect an Apple branded HDTV any time soon — if ever.

  3. Rovi is the company that brought us Macrovision, which was a very widely-adopted copy-protection standard for commercial VHS and DVD distributors. Apple could have licensed some of their newer DRM technology for future products.

  4. @mango
    I’ve used a lot monitor brands over the past 30 years. I find Apple monitors a very good value when you factor in quality, life-span, and design. To each his own. Obviously, an HD tv is a slightly different animal. Apple will be forced to provide overwhelming features and value to crack into a market that is awash with excellent products.

  5. “Steve has stated he likes to build computers and such so people can do things where they do not turn their brains off.”

    Then he shouldn’t have moved his hardware towards brain numbing media content, a simplified finger based interface, eradicated a line of educational level MacBooks for a line of media consuming iPads.

    You want to educate and involve the brain, you give them a command line and a manual and tell them to have at it, create something. Like I did making computer games as a kid on my Commodore 64.

    Instead of them coping out and watching Family Guy or South Park via iTMS, they are typing away creating the next Facebook, eBay or Twitter.

  6. I don’t think we’ll see an Apple TV. But if you think about this and the huge data center Apple just built it’s my guess that you’ll be able to “PVR” shows to the data center for later viewing.

  7. @Shadowself

    Then why does Apple make an apple tv product for turning off your brain? I think they’re looking at such a product. Steve has a long history of denying they’re doing stuff before they release it.

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