Piper Jaffray: Lack of alternate U.S. carriers impacting iPhone sales

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!Fortune’s Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports on “a survey released Wednesday by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster” of “258 cell phone users in downtown Minneapolis.”

MacDailyNews Take: So this is what 258 random people in downtown Minneapolis think, just to be crystal clear.

• Antenna problem: 177 respondents, or 69%, indicated that they were aware of iPhone 4 quality issues. Of those who are aware of the antenna issues, 20% indicated that they impacted their purchase decision.

• Verizon problem: The lack of an iPhone on Verizon is holding sales back by about three times more than the antenna issue.

• Worst case scenario: “In order to quantify a worst-case scenario, we estimate that 40% of all iPhone sales are domestic (was 38% in the June quarter). We are modeling for Apple to sell 11m iPhones in the Sept. quarter, implying about 4.4m domestic sales.

Full article, with the complete survey results, here.

MacDailyNews Take: All cellphones attenuate. There is no “Antenna problem.” It was a smear campaign. FUD. Anyone who didn’t buy an iPhone 4 for that “reason” got manipulated by Apple’s inferior competitors and anti-Apple media types, including some who seem to have perpetuated the story out of misplaced “revenge.” The good news is that 80% of 258 cellphone-using downtown Minneapolitans aren’t gullible saps.

And, no, P.E.D., nothing in your report backs up the headline under which it runs. “Impacted” isn’t the same as “stopped.” Maybe they thought about it for more than 2 seconds, realized it was bullshit, and went to get themselves the best pocket computer, sorry “smartphone,” ever created.

As for the “Verizon problem,” iPhone will be on multiple carriers in the U.S. soon enough. Maybe even on Verizon.


  1. If there are any extra iPhone 4s down there not being sold, send them up here to Canada. It is nearly impossible to get one here. The flagship store in Toronto has been without any for two days now. And when they have a few the line up winds around the mall! We need more.

  2. Tell whoever can’t get one to move if it’s that important. It’s a sample folks. What # would make you happy in the sample size.
    Apparently Stevo didn’t think vzw folks would ever be ready(them ans their network) so he signed on with ATT for what look to be as long a marriage as the 10 yr war.
    Come on Steve… Nobody signs on that long. Put out the frickin vzw and the rest of the gsm carriers.
    (FYI I’ve had AT&T since it was Cingular, but doesn’t mean that I can’t empathize)

  3. I know folks love to trash AT&T, but our iPhone service has been excellent (except for initial set-up during the launch of iPhone 2G three years ago). If iPhone had been launched with Verizon or any other company, we’d be hearing the exact same complaints about them we have heard about AT&T.

  4. @MDN: “The good news is that 80% of 258 cellphone-using downtown Minneapolitans aren’t gullible saps.”

    Actually, not: only 80% of the 177 respondents who knew of the antenna issue can be said to fit that description; the rest of the 81 respondents may or may not prove to be “gullible saps” in the same proportion.

    The fact that the latter didn’t even know there was an “issue” indicates they were not paying any attention at all to the iPhone 4 release. This might suggest that they’d be more susceptible to the FUD creeping into the mainstream press.

  5. there is an antenna issue (although i always thought the real bitch was the proximity sensor) i’ve had to just send my third back.

    and if there wasnt a problem apple wasted a lot on the case programme!

    i thought it was strange they even show the 3gs atennuation and other models that drop from 5-3 bars 4-1 bar etc

    not the iPhone 4 dropping from 5-0 bars though.

    Dont get me wrong love apple but sick of hearing crap like there isnt any issue at all because clearly there was and still is until apple say otherwise! True it got blown out of proportion but iPhone 4 seems very hit and miss and the apple forums document loads of people with atenna faults maybe MDN should go have a look at them.

  6. Hey MDN, comments like that of “no antenna issue” will certainly piss enuff people off to the point of not looking at MDN anymore as a reliable source of Apple info. What the heck are you folks turning into ? If there is no problems w/ iPhone 4 then bring your nappy azz to me and i will show you multiple problems with my now 2nd iPhone 4 !!!! Situation is I BELIEVE that a rue problem here & there after all the years of superior products is inevitable. So i will follow thru w/ my Apple Care calls & updates and wait for them to fix the various issues. Does it frustrate my wife & I at times dropping calls via our chin hanging up on them, or muting a call via our chin, or our bluetooth disconnecting intermitently whenever it wants ? ABSOLUTELY ! But the problems will be corrected. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor did it not have its flaws along the way. So stop w/ the BS, shut up & stop whining folks. After all its just a phone. 15 yrs ago your knuckleheaded azz had to come home to an answering machine full of missed calls !!!! Not to mention buy lots of paper & pens !! Sheesh what a bunch of panty-wavers !!!

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