Bloodbath: Apple’s revolutionary iPad cannibalizing entire Windows PC industry

Apple Online Store“Apple’s iPad may not be cannibalizing Mac sales, but it’s evidently having a deleterious effect on the PC market–and not just the netbook segment,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

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“According to UBS analyst Maynard Um, the iPad is having a negative impact on the entire PC industry,” Paczkowski reports. “‘Sales of traditional notebooks appear to be feeling pressure from the iPad, causing a scramble by vendors to launch iPad-like tablets,’ Um wrote in a note to clients.

Paczkowski reports, “He expects iPad unit shipments for calendar 2011 to be 28 million, a number Um says ‘could still be conservative.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The worm has turned. And, Microsoft, thou hath been neutered. First by iPod, then by iPhone, and now by iPad. Mac OS X-based iOS is the Redpill, bitch. Windows is destined to become a skidmark on the pages of the history of computing. Meanwhile, Apple keeps racking up record Mac sales quarter after quarter after quarter. Ain’t life grand?!


  1. My parents were in town over the weekend. Visiting from cross country. They packed one of their windows laptops, and never used it. Both of them were using our iPads instead. I don’t think I talked them into replacing their laptops anytime soon (my dad is cheap), but they certainly liked them and were amazed at the battery life. It may take a while, but the tide is definitely turning.

  2. Is any one shocked that own 1 or 2 of the iPads? What is missing in the thinking is that Apple has a huge market share in the high end computer market. So, iPads and 75% of the college students with MacBooks are taking the low end and Apple Macs at the high end.

    So where does the spam and virus infested blue screen of death Microsoft Windows PCs fit in? Do they really not sense the tsunami racing over the Windows world.

  3. There is more good news coming in re Apple vs competitors:

    1. All the competitor “tablets” will further cannibalize PC sales, and Windows.

    2. 80% of the competitor’s tablets will be embarrassing failures, hurting their brand awareness.

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