Is another stock market ‘Flash Crash’ inevitable this year and will it be triggered on purpose?

Apple Online Store“Is another Flash Crash inevitable by the end of the year and will it be triggered on purpose?” Christopher Steiner asks for Forbes.

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“Yes, according to one sharp observer,” Steiner blogs. “Somebody, says Eric Scott Hunsader, CEO of Nanex, is intentionally slowing down some aspects of the market to skim profits from clueless competitors. This won’t stop, Hunsader says, until the SEC or the the exchanges step in and do something about the copious quote volume wars currently taking place.”

Steiner writes, “Nanex, which sends its clients compressed real-time quote feeds and market data, has drawn attention lately for some of the underlying quote patterns it uncovered within the chaos of trading on May 6. But it wasn’t odd patterns that drove the market to madness; it was pure volume.”

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  1. Does ANYONE know what caused the first one? A thumb?

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  2. This is the real Skynet – when the Market becomes self-aware that it does not need people to initiate any trading or to maintain capitalism, then all human intervention – therefore all humans – becomes a surplus commodity.

  3. It’s the ongoing battle:

    The Corporate Oligarchy
    The Citizens

    Supposedly the ‘government’ represents the citizens and stops such abuse. But when the ‘government’ is run by the scum who are doing the parasite moves on the citizens… we get more of the ongoing Bush Depression.

    The point of it all?
    1) Short term profits, long term catastrophe.
    2) Dig us all into a hole deep enough to trigger what I call “The Late Dark Age.” Guess who gets to play LORDS and who gets to play SERFS!
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