Apple modifies online store with ‘Compare Macs’ feature, collapsible config additions

Apple Store“During a period of overnight downtime last night, Apple appears to have made several tweaks to the functionality of its online store,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

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“The Loop points out a new ‘Compare Macs’ feature offering users the ability to compare specs among up to three selected Mac models,” Slivka reports. “The new option is available through either a direct link or as an option in the Mac product line menu bar after selecting a model.”

Slivka reports, “Apple has also added collapsible sections to its configuration pages for various Mac models. The change allows users to open and close sections dedicated to topics such as hardware options, software options, service and support add-ons, and accessories.”

Full article, with links and screenshots, here.


  1. Sorry, anonymous coward. I have a shiny 27″ iMac with a brilliant glossy screen, and have had no eyeaches, headaches, backaches or tummyaches. And I do believe there is a vast number of third-party anti-glare options available.

    You lose.

  2. @Comment from: anonymous coward
    Still a glaring lack of visible anti-glare screen options.

    You have options…Whine your way down to Home Depot and pick yourself up a pack of 220 grit sandpaper…Sand away, Voila, matte monitor…

  3. @ anonymous coward
    “Still a glaring lack of visible anti-glare screen options.

    Headaches and eyestrain are on the rise, I wonder why?”

    I would love to see some clinical evidence to support your contention. Until then, you can just sneak back to your hole like your moniker implies.

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