VideoLAN releases VLC 1.1.3 with many bug fixes and improvements

Apple StoreVideoLAN has released VLC 1.1.3 with many bug fixes and improvements.

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VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework, that plays most multimedias files, medias and streaming protocols.

A bit after the 1.1.2, VideoLAN says they “had to fix some important crashing bugs and you deserve a new release.”

What’s new in 1.1.3:
• Taglib crash (CVE-2010-2937 / VideoLAN-SA-1004)
• Fixes for FTP relative paths and directories
• Fixes for Podcast and DVD modules
• … and many other crashes and errors fixed
• Extensions and scripts updates
• Miscellaneous fixes in interfaces
• Updated translations

More info and download link here.


  1. I used to use VLC for playback of AVCHD files from my Canon Vixia camcorder. Not anymore. Movist does it better and more smoothly. VLC was choking, struggling heavily with the frame rate. On the same machine, Movist effortlessly played back in real time, without any dropped frames. In addition, it automatically plays all playable files in a folder, one after the other, which VLC didn’t (you’d have to create a playlist). For quick review of daily video, Movist is simply great.

    Having said that, VLC is the best universal playback software on the Mac, able to decypher and show almost any format out there.

  2. “Wishing” VLC had one feature or another is pissing into the wind. Go to the website and read the forums- There aren’t any Mac developers and they’re likely going to drop the project unless they get help.

    The fact the last two releases hit the street is amazing enough!

  3. Too bad for the project. Since Snow Leopard update my MBP can hardly play any regular movie DVDs, especially older DVDs or ripped from non-Mac systems. VLC has been the only reliable alternative. I almost want to say it’s Apple’s unspoken plan to eventually get rid of all physical media and have only media access personal devices like the iPad. I think Mac OS updates will eventually go the way of iOS too. No more physical disks for likes of Psysters to ever sell unauthorized hardware.

  4. I’m sorry, but VLC’s UI sucks compared to other players and I hate when I have to use it. I use Perian and Quicktime to play everything but WMV.

    For one thing, is it really necessary for VLC to throw up that annoying dialogue box when there’s some minor problem with the video that isn’t preventing playback?


  5. vlc was around for the mac before anything else. Even back in the early days of OSX, you could count on vlc to play the stuff that QT wouldn’t. I hope they are always around.

  6. I agree with Predrag on Moviest… awesome app and plays 1080i mkv files on a dual G5 that VLC chokes on. And the UI and inane errors (that dont cause any problems?!) dialog box on VLC makes me nuts. But my biggest complaint about VLC is lack of a “save as”. Great to have a player but I often need a CONVERTER and since VisualHub stopped being developed, I haven’t found anything that’s fast (VisualHub SCREAMED), easy and supports most formats. If anyone has any recommendations, send ’em on!

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