‘Apple Peel 520’ turns Apple iPod touch into phone

iPod Superstore“Have you ever wished that your iPod touch was an iPhone? Now it can be, thanks to a new device called the ‘Apple Peel 520’ and created by a Chinese company,” Lara Farrar reports for CNN.

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“Invented by a 22-year-old programmer who lives in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, the gadget is comprised of a case that fits around the outside of Apple’s iPod touch,” Farrar reports. “The Apple Peel 520 case contains a battery, dock connector and SIM card that allows voice calls. Users will also have to install special software to enable a text messaging function, and to allow the device to properly work with the iPod touch (users will have to [jailbreak] the iPod in order to download the necessary applications).”

Farrar reports, “Once installed, the Apple Peel gets around five hours of talk time and 120 hours on standby, according to a review posted on Dailytech.com… According to a Chinese review translated into English on M.I.C. Gadget, the Apple Peel does not support 3G, there’s a small lag time when calls are made from the iPod Touch and deleting and forwarding text messages is not available, among other minor complaints. Nevertheless, many say they are impressed with the functionality of the device.”

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  1. So, why didn’t they first use a Zune for the Peel product? Does Steve Ballmer know Microsoft was disced and Apple products were picked again!

    Want to bet that they sell more Peel 520 kits then Microsoft sold Zunes in the first year! I think a little girl’s lemonade stand can make more money that Microsoft made on the Zune! How is that Big Ass Table going? That could double as a phone booth if you add some steps to the side.

  2. lfthnd:

    No. Skype can only connect to a WiFi network (on an iPod). It cannot connect to a mobile network, since iPod touch does not have a GSM (or CDMA) radio.

    Even on an iPhone, Skype is still quite limited to WiFi only. Also, unless you pay additional fees, you only get to make outgoing calls, which is enough of a hassle to make it not worth bothering.

  3. Your totally missing the point. Jailbreak the device and install software sounds very suspicious. Do you really want a device with potential security flaws offered by someone with little or no standing? While most are smart enough to avoid this, there are many who aren’t.

  4. Hello ! there are Apple peel at 15$ to 1450$ on chinese taobao websites !!! what is this mess !!! I had tryed to purchade put 50% of deposit for 388 yuan they said delivery for the 18th … I just received a mail in a confuse english, no delivery no real information… On ebay and http://www.ipodbecomesiphone.com they preview delivery for september… but the price is 119 – 139 $… Who can we trust ?

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