Google and Verizon propose ‘Net Neutrality’ rules, but exempt wireless

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Google and Verizon this afternoon outlined their widely rumored proposal for net neutrality guidelines,” Electronista reports.

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“As expected, the terms would focus on wired controls but would sacrifice fairness in wireless to reach the goal,” Electronista reports. “The FCC would be the only official body and would have authority to ban both blocking or throttling legal traffic as well as limit prioritization of certain content, but only on wired networks. Both wired and wireless networks would have a requirement for transparency, which would require any carrier to clearly disclose how it shapes traffic and other limits on the network. Wired services could have special services such as IPTV, but these would have to be clearly separated from general Internet access so they aren’t used as forms of cheating the neutrality rules, the two companies said.”

Electronista reports, “Google’s motivations behind the deal have already been called into question. The search firm is heavily dependent on Verizon for Android phone sales and would stand to lose significant market share and mobile ad revenue if its carrier partner backed away.

Read more in the full article here.

Read “A joint policy proposal for an open Internet” by Alan Davidson, Google director of public policy and Tom Tauke, Verizon executive vice president of public affairs, policy, and communications here.


  1. Google whores out Android to cell manufacturers who lap it up blindly. Open source advocates become Google’s lapdog and now the curtain rises on the true motivation of Google’s generosity which is absolute control. Seems easier than I thought it would be to get people to take the mark of the Devil (I mean Google).

  2. Everyone seems to always forget that Google is nothing more than an ad agency. They make their money selling advertising. I’ve never known an advertising agency that had the public good in mind.


    You sound like a free market kind of guy who doesn’t want government regulating stuff like the Internet. Well the free market is a wonderful place if you have referees to make sure everyone is playing fair and not screwing the little guys (that’s you and me). Without a referee, your broadband connection will start to resemble cable TV in terms of choices and costs. That is not a pretty picture I’d say.

  3. @emmteeprod:

    You’re missing the point: this isn’t about the FCC blocking users, this is about the FCC blocking Internet companies from blocking users.

    Without net nutrality guarantees, there’s no reason Comcast can’t slow, limit, or eliminate certain internet traffic to your computer. That’s scary.

  4. @84 Mac Guy

    It’s not all about free market, it’s about having that regulation, but letting the wire be wires, let the content be content. I don’t like watching movies on TV because it’s SO Regulated, Regulate, but regulate where it’s needed.


    Ok, limit my connection, but don’t charge me for going over if your limit is too low (at&t, Verizon). I guess I misread some of the information, I’ll have to go re-educate myself…

  5. Verizon doesn’t exist in my world already, and from this day forward Google is officially out of my world as well. I’ve even changed my default home page to Yahoo. I know I’m just one person, but I would like to think the butterfly effect would come in to play here. I’m just so tired of people who think they can control parts of my life.

  6. When two monopolists plot together like this, you can be sure the average Joe is going to get royally screwed. I look for government to keep these evil bastards in check, but government is in bed with these clowns, so don’t expect the FCC to do anything….

  7. Once they get their filthy little claws in they will not let go. You are a fool if you think otherwise. And if you do not do your part to fight this you will be completely responsible for the devastation to equality and the freedom of information that will absolutely follow. George Bush said “No new taxes.” Hitler promised that he would not invade the rest of Czechoslovakia. And the Greeks brought a big goddamned wooden horse to the Trojans. This the beginning of the end of times, people. Mark my words. You and every future generation will regret any inaction in this matter. If you do nothing, and by doing so willingly hand the keys to the kingdom over to these monsters, you are selling your very lives and the lives of all future generations over to them. And you will have no right to cry for mercy when it happens. At all.

    Believe me… they will not stop once they get started.


    You have been warned.

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