Apple iPhone for Verizon, new Apple TV and iPad rumored

Apple Store“A CDMA iPhone for Verizon Wireless, a new kind of Apple TV, and a seven-inch iPad,” Barry Levine reports for “These are some of the rumors about new Apple products that are sprouting around the web like late-summer flowers.”

“According to various web sites, a key driving force for the reports has been information coming from Asian component suppliers,” Levine reports. “Taiwan-based Pegatron Technology, for instance, is reportedly preparing for mass production of a CDMA iPhone in December. It would be intended for both Verizon Wireless and China Telecom, and is projected to launch at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, where Verizon’s CEO is scheduled to give the keynote address.”

“Reportedly, a new Apple TV will be based on an upcoming AMD processor, Fusion, which marries a CPU and a GPU into a single package,” Levine reports. “The new model is expected to be released next year, with production ramping up in December, and will offer cloud-based, high-definition video and audio streaming. According to these reports, the new Apple TV is expected to be based on the iPhone’s success, with a similar user interface, support for social-networking sites and Apple’s App Store, and incorporation of the same or a similar iPhone iOS operating system.”

Levine reports, “Of course, no crop of Apple rumors would be complete these days without speculation about a new kind of iPad. In fact, there are reports of at least two variations on the popular tablet device — a 9.7-inch iPad with an ARM Cortex A9-based processor instead of the current custom A4, and a smaller iPad with a seven-inch screen.”

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  1. Why would Apple make a 7 inch ipad? Is the current one too large? I mean what is the point of a smaller screen and less battery life. If you want a small screen get an iPod touch or an iPhone.

  2. I am hoping for an updated iPad in October just in time for the holidays; simply because I want one and I need one with more than 64 GB of storage.

    It also would be a great way for Apple to create an insurmountable lead in tablets. There will be a tablet from everyone start the new year.

  3. “…AMD processor, Fusion, which marries a CPU and a GPU into a single package,”

    Fusion, is not its name, it is the next-generation of processor design and the first family of processors developed in a collaborative effort btwn AMD and ATI, which consists of quad-, Tri-, and Dual-core processors.

    I’m spreading the rumor that TV 3.0 will come equipped with <a href=””>Llano<.a>, a native quad-core CPU die with a GPU core on the same package, including a dual channel DDR3-1600 memory controller, an integrated PCIe 2.0 controller, and 1MB of L2 cache per core.

  4. @ Producerjames

    I think a 7-inch iPad that is a bit lighter and has the same resolution (1024×768) squeezed into a smaller screen, would be a nice option. From the developer’s perspective, it would be the same model as the current size iPad and would not cause any platform “fragmentation.”

    But it’s not going to happen until the one-year point, or “early 2011.” I think it will be late March or early April, depending on whether Apple wants the initial big week of “new iPad” revenue to fall into the March quarter or the June quarter.

  5. I’d be willing to bet the iPhone would go to Sprint and tmobile before it ever goes to verizon.

    Unless steve has no beef with verizon.. but it makes sense to ship it over to tmobile before anyone else since its just a sim.

  6. I think I’d rather have a Sprint iPhone. No way Verizon gets my business with their policies and reputation for crappy customer service.

    It actually might be a good time to get back on AT&T if only because of the lightened load they are likely to benefit from as people they’ve pissed off jump ship to Verizon.

  7. I think the verizon us myth. If apple is smart they would stay away from them considering these BS net neutrality proposals they are making with google. I believe those two are content with apple not playing with them.

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