Apple’s Safari makes meaningful gains in browser share

“Internet Explorer’s remarkable rebound is the most noticeable trend in this months’ browser market share statistics, but a more subtle and important change is the growth of Apple’s Safari browser,” Jared Newman reports for PC World.

“The two-month rise for Internet Explorer is fairly easy to explain: Microsoft’s been advertising, with two commercials airing during primetime on Fox,” Newman reports. “Those ads started in June, the same month Internet Explorer bounced back over the 60 percent mark. Ads are a band-aid measure, and they don’t say anything profound about the browser market itself.”

Newman reports, “Meanwhile, Safari has grown steadily since November 2009, cracking the 5 percent mark for the first time. With Chrome hitting its first brick wall this month, dropping from 7.24 percent to 7.16 percent, Safari is the only browser to have gained consistently over the last year… In five years, mobile devices may be the most popular way to go online, according to a recent study by Morgan Stanley. Safari’s consistent climb is foreshadowing.”

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  1. Today Gizmodo is reporting that Safari on iOS has a severe bug that allows easy entry into any part of iPhone or iPad. Just opening a pdf file can infiltrate and take over the device. Hope Apple plugs that quickly if true.

  2. Safari sucks? Well for me it is by far the classiest and overall the best designed of all the browsers, my only problem is that it hangs occasionally. If you want out and out speed mind, Stainless is probably the best, just lacks a little sophistication if you like all the bells and whistles.

  3. I have multiple Safari browsing Macs, an AppleTV and iOS 4 devices all WiFi connected to one Time Capsule at my house. Are the ALL counted or do they only see ONE at my house?

  4. @Bunk ‘n’ Stuff
    You need to clean your cache files or altogether Rest Safari. It is very fast for me. Chrome is faster, but I don’t want Google to know my browsing habits.

  5. “Not only does this elevate to the root, giving you complete control of the iPhone, but it breaks out of the sandbox,” said Miller in an interview Monday, referring to the isolation technology designed to block rogue code from escaping the mobile Safari browser.

    “There’s no shell on the iPhone, so [comex] had to do all that himself to get control,” Miller continued. “He elevated to root, turned off all code signing, broke out of the sandbox…all in the payload of the exploit.

    “And it works every time. Not just a few times out of a hundred. But every time.”


  6. @R2
    “Safari sucks”

    Really? Care to back that up with an explanation of why?
    I’ve used Firefox, Opera, iCab and Safari (I’ve avoided Chome, ‘cuz Google already has enough info on my browsing habits) and overall I just prefer Safari. It does what I need it to do – which is open websites, and doesn’t get bogged down and slow like Firefox does.

    Why exactly does it “suck”?

  7. Safari is my daily choice as well. I do, however occasionally run across a website that doesn’t support Safari. Then I use Firefox which is completely serviceable.
    In the end I’m glad there are so many choices. To each his own.

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