Apple unleashes four new FaceTime ads (with video)

Following their FaceTime introductory ad (directly below), Apple has unleashed four new television ads promoting iPhone 4’s new video calling feature.

Apple – iPhone 4 – TV Ad – FaceTime (Intro):

Apple – iPhone 4 – TV Ad – Meet Her:

Apple – iPhone 4 – TV Ad – Smile:

Apple – iPhone 4 – TV Ad – Haircut:

Apple – iPhone 4 – TV Ad – Big News:

MacDailyNews Take: To call these ads winners would be too much of an understatement. FaceTime is the killer app that will power the iPhone’s continuing bloodbath.


  1. Yeah I could have sworn blind Mr Jobs said face time never freezes, mine does and quits almost everytime despite being on a 20MBPS connection 

  2. While I think video calling is certainly a killer feature for some (i.e. people who previously couldn’t use a phone because they need to use sign language, people who want to see family members who are distant from them etc), I don’t know that it will be a killer feature for most people.

    Video calls have been available for years here in Australia and they seem to barely be used by anyone who doesn’t *need* to use them. Evidence here would seem to suggest that people are happy making voice calls. And it’s not like it was hard to make a video call (not on the phone I had at least), and it could be done over 3g, so connectivity wasn’t really a limiting factor.

    I get the feeling that until there is a general shift in how people *want* to communicate (via video rather than just voice) video calling probably isn’t going to suddenly go ballistic.

    But, you never know. Maybe someone can manufacture a need/desire in the populace, or maybe things will naturally shift that way on their own.

  3. @Craig

    Agreed–just look at the shift to texting–it’s less stressful than talking to a voice you can’t see.

    Video calls are like being on TV for most people I think–not fun.

    Still very cool if you want or need it though!

  4. Those are some incredibly cloying ads. Effective emotionally, but is having a kid the only hook they could com up with? Sheesh.

    iPhone 4: the phone for breeders.

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