China Unicom in talks with Apple to offer iPhone 4, iPad in China

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Telecommunications operator China Unicom Ltd. and Apple Inc. are in talks about offering the iPhone 4 and the iPad in China, a person familiar with the situation said Thursday,” Owen Fletcher reports for MarketWatch.

“China Unicom already offers older versions of the iPhone in China, but Apple hasn’t yet announced plans to offer either the new iPhone 4 or the iPad in the country,” Fletcher reports.

Full article here.


  1. I really hate Internet Explorer. Every time I use it at work (Navy), it messes up most sites I visit–like MDN’s site. The iPhone survey appears in the middle of the page and overlapping the main page. The ads are misplaced in different directions. But it only does this for MDN.

  2. @silverwarloc…

    Ever think that it’s not necessarily IE that’s the problem… but MDN? I doubt they spend a great deal of time making their site cross-browser compatible, considering their readership mostly use Macs.

  3. Obama will not be happy about these new unfiltered media devices from Apple either. Everyone will be walking around, Face Timing away then shooting what they are seeing going on right in front of them. Then, the Obama PR are going to have to tell us that that really isn’t what we are seeing. That is going to go real well.

  4. Hi silverwarloc,

    I understand that the Microsoft software flips lots of things around. Like the Start menu on the bottom left corner. Do you think that they were looking in a mirror at the Mac when they were copping it?

  5. AmperMan, it is not that MDN didn’t choose to make a special web page coded for each version of IE, they chose to just use Internet standard code and left it up to the browser’s programers to be able to view a standard page.

  6. @silverwarloc, “I really hate Internet Explorer. Every time I use it at work (Navy), it messes up most sites I visit–like MDN’s site. “

    No wonder we’re going down the tubes, you’re supposed to be ‘working’ at work, not screwing off at MDN, using up our taxes.

    New concept for government shirkers everywhere. ‘Work means work.’

  7. Wow well done ron they should all be out there 24 hours a day protecting your life, I would chain him to the helm and make him dodge the mines for his living if I had my way so thank god that wonderful user friendly Microsoft has all our best interests at heart with that patent for a method of recording every single move of our computer using lives. It will save us from the likes of our brave servicemen skiving that’s for sure.

    And yes IE simply ignores web standards because it could, these days however it doesn’t have that luxury any more and thank Apple for that.

  8. Hard work is what made the USA great during a time when you could trust an employee to put in a full shift. Most Americans still do the business. The unions are destroying this nation. November MUST see a change. IE is the worst. Use Safari.

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