Long lines greet iPhone 4 launch in New York City (with video)

TheStreet.com’s Daniel Byrne has posted some B-roll video showing long lines spanning four midtown New York Avenues this morning as Apple’s iPhone 4 release day has finally arrived:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

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  1. That is insane. I showed up this morning at my local Dallas Apple Store at 6 am and was 800 in line of about 1200 people. After about an hour of waiting I decided to leave and come back late tonight to pick up my reserved iPhone. Those folks are going to be standing in line for a good 8-10 hours.

  2. Incredible!

    This is only a phone upgrade! Apple has an overwhelming acceptance of almost any new product introduced. I even had to be relegated to the second round of deliveries on my i7 iMac, . . . and I ordered the second day. I had a similar experience with the iPad.

  3. I love how some of the guys are all dressed up like they are going to work. No one standing in that line will be doing anything else today but standing in that line.

  4. Holy Shit! That’s ALL the way around the block.
    And it’s a LONG block!

    I was at the Upper West Side Store yesterday and walked by the SoHo store earlier in the day. Barricades were ready at both.

    Someone was in the UWS store with an iPhone 4 and bunch of store employees and me surrounded the guy trying to get a look. It reminded me of Ludlow Street in the 80’s when the dealer showed up and all the junkies made a bee-line for their fix. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    @ jersey trader. No kidding! This thing is massive!

  5. I remember when some $tupid moron said that the iPhone damages the companies that carries the phone … I wonder what did he mean… The only damage I see to the carries because of the iPhone is some spills on the floor.

  6. So Apple is selling only 600,000 phones and the lines are huge everywhere. That is less than 4 days sale of Androids at 160,000 a day. Where are the Android lines? I passed a Verizon store today and there are no lines at all. In fact there were more sales people than customers inside. How is this possible?

  7. In Raleigh NC the line was well over 700 people and took 7 hours to get through. I love my iPhones, and I love getting Apple products on day, but they need improved distribution methods; I am NEVER going to do that again.

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