Apple revenue will likely top Microsoft during this calendar Q2

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Second quarter is just days from finishing,” Joe Wilcox reports for BetaNews. “In the home stretch, could Apple generate enough revenue to top Microsoft? Strong iPhone and, particularly, iPad sales should make the difference. Apple’s ascension and Microsoft’s descension would mark a turning point in computing eras. Microsoft represents the past — PCs tied to the Office-Windows-Windows Server applications stack. Apple represents the future: mobile devices and applications connected to the cloud.”

Wilcox reports, “Wall Street revenue consensus for both companies is close enough to assert Apple could — I believe will — top Microsoft during second quarter… Today, the average analyst consensus for Apple is $14.37 billion, with a range of $13.32 billion to $15.08 billion. For Microsoft: $15.22 billion, with range of $14.80 billion to $15.72 billion. Over the last couple quarters, Apple revenue came in well above consensus — nearly $1.5 billion in first quarter.”

“Apple estimates changed little from April 23 or my last post about this topic on June 3. I’m convinced that Wall Street isn’t strongly enough factoring iPad into their revenue estimates. Assuming just $500 revenue per device, Apple opened a new product line worth $1.5 billion,” Wilcox reports. “My estimate is conservative.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “What I can’t figure out is why he (Steve Jobs) is even trying (to be the CEO of Apple)? He knows he can’t win.” – Bill Gates, June 1998

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I can believe that! Bill Gates could not and still does not under stand the tablet market either. So how could he even believe he can match wit with Steve, see his vision, or grasp the future of computing?

    Bill Gates is clueless if it was not for Apple laying out the blueprint so he could guide his blind company in the correct direction.

    Bill, stick with giving out your I’ll gotten gains! We will still see you as Darth Vader- just more clueless that the charter you represent.

  2. I think M$ will barely beat AAPL with regards to revenue as far as Q2 is concerned but after that it’s just Apple…remember when Apple surpassed Microshit market cap a few weeks back? Everybody thought the difference would change back and forth but it did not..Apple has increased the gap almost daily.

  3. Bill gates predicted the iPad explosion 10 years ago. The man has great foresight.

    Of course, he thought Windows Tablets would make the big explosion in 2002 – 2004. Right concept, wrong company, bad timing, the story of Bill Gates’ middle age.

  4. @Lochias,

    Apple has it’s sights on protecting it’s interests…

    Google “decided to compete” with Apple. If the Android wasn’t around, you would see even more iPhones…

    Then again… whenever Apple decides to dump the exclusive contract with AT&T;, it might not matter… The consumers will decide THEIR carrier and will have more choice in phones.

    The iPhone at least on T-Mobile and VZ might kill off Android phones momentum (momentum in non-iPhone carriers marketshare).

    i am waiting for the iPhone to get on MY NETWORK. I hate VZ & AT&T;where i am at…

  5. @Big Als MBP,

    Agreed but his mistake has been to approach the problem with a PC mentality. Normal, he ruled the PC world.
    Steve did it the other way, leveraging the success of the iTunes/App Store ecosystem and the iPod touch.

  6. What would be a cool headline is if Apple gets a strike out this quarter vs MS.
    Strike 1: beating them in market cap
    Strike 2: beating them in revenues
    Strike 3: beating them in profits

    all in the same quarter will have a much bigger splash in the headlines

  7. HEY NCG598…

    Know your facts before you speak… Who is the CEO of MSFT? Sure as hell isn’t Bill Gates. I see Bill doing more work for his charity these days.

    The blind man is still the second wealthiest in the world. You are spot on!!!

    This isn’t an anti-AAPL comment either. Great company. So when MSFT brings in $15 billion this quarter, I want you to come back and tell everyone that you don’t know what you are talking about. A company brings in $15 billion for the quarter and you are talkning like their days are over. Did they get into subprime mortgages? Did I miss something?

    AAPL and MSFT are two different companies when you look at them. AAPL markets are secondary markets for MSFT. See you in here again at Q2 earnings to explain how an idiot makes $15 billion a quarter. How many Win 7’s were sold too?

    Think before you speak. MSFT still has $40.4 billion in Cash! A lot of money for a company that everyone is seeing out of business.

    Gates came out with the tablet PC first. His vision was short lived of course. Most importantly though, Android and Google. Google has $25 billion in cash on the sidelines to combat the iPhone and iPad. Competition is getting thick. MSFT might not be the biggest in the band as far as revenues, but I think it is absolutely important not to compare the two companies considering where they generate their revenues.

    I wish I could talk to your face NCG598… Bill Gates… Clueless. Are you kidding? Sounds like someone spilling their EGO all over the internet.

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