Apple iPhone takes 20%+ smartphone market share in Finland, home of Nokia

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple now has over 20% of the Finnish smartphone market. The numbers were disclosed on Sunday by Finnish carrier TeliaSonera, and published by YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company,” Steven Sande reports for TUAW.

“Although the content of the Google-translated YLE post is subject to interpretation, the gist appears to be that worldwide cell phone market leader Nokia (with about a 33% share of the total world market) is losing share more quickly in the smartphone sector,” Sande reports. “The iPhone is the current culprit, although Android-based systems are having a impact on Nokia’s bottom line as well.”

Sande reports, “The sales pressure from Apple on Nokia’s home turf might explain the run of patent infringement lawsuits from Nokia during the last six months.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. You have to remember that iPhone is locked to the carrier Sonera, which is just one – albeit a big one – out of the 4 major players, the other 3 being Elisa, DNA and Saunalahti.

    To get a 20% market share in the smartphone market with just one phone and one carrier is therefore much, MUCH more impressive than it might sound.

    Last year I had to wait 6 weeks before I got iPhone 3G from Sonera..the demand is insane. If Apple would add more carrier support here, the % would go sky high, well it might anyhow now that the iPhone 4 is on it’s way..

  2. “iPhone is a niche product.” – Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (President and CEO of Nokia Corporation), April 17, 2008

    Well, I guess Nokia will have no problem then.
    Better sell my Apple shares, and buy a bunch of Nokia, quick!

  3. MDN, guess what: your headline is wrong.
    A classic case of ‘idiot reporters and bloggers who can’t read and/or can barely write and/or are too intent on concocting sensational “news” that fails to match reality.’
    as you put so elegantly some weeks ago.

    I know how much you hate headlines that are wrong, so change it to something else.

    Apple iPhone did not take 20%+ smartphone market share in Finland, they took 20% of something else, something that is not disclosed.

    Sonera does not reveal how many iPhones they have sold.
    The 20 % does not relate to smartphones, but to “most advanced smartphones”, which category is defined but not revealed by the Sonera spokesman.

    From the original statement in Finnish: “Jos katsotaan sellaisia puhelimia, joilla internetiä, palveluita ja sovelluksia aidosti käytetään, iPhone on merkittävä yli 20 prosentin osuudella.”
    Translation: “If you consider phones, that are GENUINELY used for Internet, services and applications, iPhone is relevant with over 20 % share”.

    They could have added:
    “Jos katsotaan sellaisia puhelimia, joita koristaa hedelmä, iPhone on merkittävä 100 % osuudella.”
    “If you consider phones that carry a picture of a fruit, iPhone is relevant with 100 % share”

  4. @SB (steaming BS??) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    “Lars H,

    Your anecdotal “evidence” means slightly less than a steaming pile of dog shit.”

    If that is what you just sat in….. it can mean a lot to you… LOL

    Just a smelly thought,
    en ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. As native Finn, I can confirm that Sonera spokesman Said that iPhone has “over 20%” of the finnish smartphone market. @ Anderds: Your argument is silly. What’s the differente of using internet, etc. capabilities genuinly or not-genuinly? The Sonera guy is clerly talking about the classic definition of a smartphone.

    And here’s something for another headline: iPhone has 10% of Swiss MOBILE PHONE market. Not smartphone, the whole mobile phone market. There are 750000 iPhones in Switzerland at the moment, before iPhone 4 is available here. Every 10th Swiss has an iPhone already and the market share will skyrocket when iPhone 4 will be available.

  6. @autonkuljettaja aaltonen
    As a native Finn, you should not lie, that kind of behaviour is traditionally not considered Finnish. Lying is something marketing people do as part of their profession, you don’t need to repeat Sonera’s marketing pitch.

    If I want to talk about smart phones, I say “smart phones”.
    If I want to talk about a subset of smart phones, I say “most advanced smart phones”, “4G smart phones”, “thinnest smart phones”, “most fashionable smart phones”, “most expensive smart phones”.

    Using an extra modifier “most advanced” will obscure that I am actually not telling what I am talking about and at the same time covering my ass: “Hey, I never said that Apple has 20 % market share in smart phones, read again the press release: I said most advanced smart phones.”

    Will that kind of obscure marketing talk from Sonera Vice President of Sales make an impact. I would say it will. What do you think, did it make an impact on you, mr Aaltonen?

    If Sonera wants to tell the public about how well iPhone is selling, they will say: we have sold 33,000 iPhones.
    If they don’t want to tell the public about how well iPhone is selling, they will say: it is a really big success and it has over 20 % market share in a category I have defined for this purpose all by myself but will not disclose to you because it is really not that important, you should believe me, it’s a great phone and we are the best mobile network operator in Finland in the Category 7 of best mobile network operators in Finland.

  7. @ Feral :D, dead on money, haha! But unfortunately I don’t have time to fight with trolls, much less with lousy trolls. @ Anders: Get a life, you’re simply boring. And follow NHL’s wise advice, buy some Nokia stock, I stick to AAPL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />. Over and out, peace & love dudes.

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