Analysts drool over iPhone 4, Apple’s strongest upgrade cycle ever

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple’s iPhone 4 is about to land and analysts are tripping over themselves to gauge the power of what’s expected to be the company’s strongest upgrade cycle ever,” Larry Dignan reports for ZDNet.

“As previously noted, analysts were upbeat about the iPhone upgrade cycle. After all, AT&T was pulling forward demand as it tries to lock in customers into new contracts before losing exclusivity. And Apple’s phone is quite an overhaul. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster came out with his initial prediction only to have Apple almost hit 60 percent of his target in a day,” Dignan reports. “Toss in the fact that Apple had more than 600,000 preorders in one day and you get the sense this iPhone 4 rollout is going to be huge.”

Dignan reports, “Wall Street analysts, an optimistic lot to start with, look uncharacteristically conservative with their predictions. Now they’re scrambling to predict Apple’s iPhone 4 units as well as the earnings and revenue growth that goes with it.”

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  1. FedEx dropped off my iPhone around 2 p.m.. Activation was a snap, synching, too.

    Goofy note: I used the FedEx tracker and it said I would get the phone on Thursday despite a previous e-mail saying I would get delivery on Wednesday. Whatever, it’s here, it works and the screen is awesome.

  2. With Facetime on every iPhone and companies that will be able to do face to face job interviews, show parts, or even give directions on assembly and tear downs of various products. How will this load the Internet with all this new data?

    Doctors, lawyers, engineers, network engineers, and every other sort will all be using the Facetime to help and solve problems. Not to mention the use of it in college!

    Will we see an offload of call on the carriers and a loading to our hardline data pipes?! This will be very interesting!

    Maybe this will help in the traffic congestion that consumes city usage and add in the rural areas that may not have any cell service, just an internet cafe.

  3. “Dignan reports, “Wall Street analysts, an optimistic lot to start with…” “

    Analysts optimistic?? You gotta be kidding!!! That is why they always need to up there estimates a few days before earnings announcements, and then are still way short!

  4. I’m guessing the industry that’s going to put the biggest demand on the system with facetime use will be the porn industry. I know it has some good uses but I have mixed feelings about what kind of abuses it might be used for. I don’t want to be ambushed by infomercials every time I’m in range of some place’s wifi.

    Not sure about this feature.

  5. google and motorola just let all the air outta the iPhone 4’s balloon. droid X has THREE—count ’em—THREE microphones. AND a larger screen. as was said at the X’s unveiling today, “If you ask consumers, they’ll virtually always pick a larger display over a high-resolution display.”

    AND it comes with the ability to playback FLASH! well, not yet, but “soon”! AND it’s got one of those hobbits, “froyo,” installed on it. well, not yet, but “soon”!

  6. @Britney:

    Unfortunately, you’re probably right. But any techie and/or Apple Lover, as most of us here are, should almost always do the exact OPPOSITE of what “consumers” do, particularly when “flash”-pun intended-is present.

  7. Audio playback using the cheesy stock earphones is pretty good (Jefferson Airplane’s Volunteers” album demonstrated decent tonal range. “We Should be Together” (“Up against the wall, mother%$ckers) had some some kind of Jobsian relevance.

    Voice quality going out over the phone is a big improvement over my old 3G. Reception is better, too.

    Photo quality is a big leap forward from the 3G. I’ll be in Pebble Beach come August for the car show. I may leave my p&s;camera behind. Shooting a little video on the Pacific Coast Highway has a certain appeal. We’ll see.

    So far, I’m liking this new iPhone.

  8. Analyst doesn’t have the DATE right:

    “Chris Whitmore, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, said:

    Initial demand for the new iPhone is incredibly robust based on initial demand indicators including: pre-orders, search trends and supplier checks. The iPhone officially launches on Thursday July 24th and”

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