Pogue on CNBC: Motorola Droid X vs. Apple iPhone is like a gnat vs. an elephant (with video)

New York Times columnist David Pogue discussed Apple’s new iPhone 4, Droid X, iOS, Android and more on CNBC a short time ago.

When asked whether Android was the “iPhone killer,” Pogue laughed and said, “It’s not the “iPhone killer” …no.”

Direct link to video via CNBC here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. And that gnat has access to tens of millions of lucrative, loyal Verizon customers who want in on the smartphone revolution but refuse to abandon their more reliable network for the crappy service of ATT. Therefore the gnat has room to breathe, protected by artificial barriers, rather than be suffocated under the weight of a Verizon iPhone.

  2. Why open up sales to Verizon when you can’t supply the existing partners iPhone 4 requirements. If your production catches up later this year, then open the gates to Verizon customers. Till then, honor your existing partners.

  3. If Verizon or Sprint wants a piece of the action, let them offer a Wi-Fi to 3G/4G bridge for the car and home. Sprint makes one now. Under cut A T & T and offer a one month at a time deal and I am theirs. My MacBooks, iPad and iPod touch without 3G will be usable on road trips. If Apple will not offer an AirPort 3G bridge for the car, let someone else do it.

  4. Have all these people been brainwashed about Flash? Flash is cranky, antiquated garbage and they act like it’s something they want?! These same clowns were outraged when Apple abandoned the floppy drive). At least they stopped crying for a physical keyboard. Pogue seems to be bending over backwards to please Google, and almost apologizes for the iPhone’s vast superiority.

  5. I don’t know why all of these columnists feel the need to over-balance the good and bad with products. Whenever you read a review comparing the iPhone vs whatever – they fall into the apologist category and start making excuses of why the product isn’t as good as the iPhone but is still a great product that is nipping at Apple’s heels.

    Nothing is close to the iPhone right now – Flash is crap, and android is fragmented and suffers a lousy product selection compared to the app store – say it like it is. Also I don’t understand the people who keep this stigma about Steve Jobs personally approving the apps going – they do know he doesn’t do that right? How stupid are these people?

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