Apple’s iTunes Store exhibits sluggishness, unresponsiveness; iOS4 now available (updated)

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!Ahead of the release of iOS 4, Apple’s iTunes Store is exhibiting extreme sluggishness and is, at time, virtually unresponsive.

MacDailyNews Note: iOS 4 is now available via iTunes as of 1pm EDT.

Right now, you can still get through to display pages, but the performance is definitely suboptimal, to use some NASA-speak.

It’s like MacDailyNews during a Steve Jobs’ keynote (except we don’t have $40+ billion in the bank to pay for bandwidth during high-capacity events).

We’ve been trying without success to download the Pandora update for the past 15 minutes.

Millions of clicks per second on the “Check for Update” button can’t be good for optimal iTunes Store performance.

To everyone who’s looking forward to upgrading to iOS 4 today, we wish you the best of luck!

[UPDATE: 2:15pm EDT: iTunes Store seems to be more responsive now. We have successfully downloaded a few apps and upgraded an old iPhone 3G to iOS 4. (Yes, we got hit with a traffic spike around 1pm EDT, too.)]


  1. As to the Fiasco @ the WWDC keynote, Apple should have selected a channel with a closed network for the demo & let the liveblogs share the other channels on a separate Internet line. It amazes me Apple overlooked something that simple.
    Universities all over handle tens of thousands of simultaneous connections in a relatively small area every day with no problem. And it happened in San Francisco, of all places.

  2. Got it without any kind of problem at all! I’ll enjoy it for a short bit before my iPhone 4 Ships…

    That’s right AT&T;, I’m going to take you to the bank on the 3G data for the bait and switch you pulled with the iPad.

  3. About the North Carolina data center:

    If Apple news is so compelling, why isn’t someone doing investigative reporting about the facility?

    Is it really a data center?
    Does anyone know what kind of equipment is being installed?
    Has Apple been hiring engineers to build and run the place?
    What is the estimated date for its opening?
    Is there any firm evidence of what the facility will do, or service it will fill?

    That kind of information would be real news.

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