Analyst: Vendors vie for second place as they chase Apple’s ‘galloping pace’

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Things look bleak for everybody but Apple (AAPL) and maybe Google (GOOG) in a brief report to clients issued Monday by Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “‘The distinction between smartphones, tablets and low-end notebooks is blurring rapidly,’ he writes. ‘Currently there are just two main competitors where we believe Apple’s user experience is industry leading and Android is the next best alternative. iPhone 4 is tracking to be the most successful new product launch in Apple’s history… Ultimately, we believe most vendors are playing for second place, left to chase Apple’s galloping pace.'”

Elmer-DeWitt reports, “Apple remains Whitmore’s top pick with a buy rating and a $350/share price target.”

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  1. Google can’t survive. I just can’t see how they can. They are losing money and what good does it do to make an OS that you make nothing on?

    Just my thinking.

  2. How can Google survive, you ask? Have you looked at the company’s 10K statement? Take a hard look at how much cash Google has, and how much the company generates each quarter. I am no fan of Android, but Google can give it away at a loss because for each Android-based phone that is sold, the company’s available market for its ads grows in lock-step.

    Whether you like Google or not, the company is in no danger of going out of business. AdWords is a cash cow. And when looking at a company’s prospects, always look at the amount of cash on its books and the level of earnings (particularly earnings growth quarter over quarter) to see if the company is fundamentally sound.

    Please show me how Google is losing money. I don’t think that you can.

  3. @ilovemymac
    Perhaps Google is attempting to emulate Microsoft, a company that produces a few items that make little to no profit (or even losses).

  4. As Apple grows it will pass the “$350/share price target” in less than a year. (Notice, they don’t commit to the when on their targets.) Apple is growing in several markets at 35 to more than 100 percent and taking new markets when ever they want to. The stock will have to follow regardless of what the talking heads do to push it down.

  5. What market does Apple want next. The are coming on line (or are on line now) with their billion dollar server farm and the iPhone with FaceTime is in shipping now. What would Apple’s stock price be if they choose to sell WiFi video conferencing phones for the house? They could double to do many other things around the house too. They could run the TV and media in the house, program the DVR in the cloud service run out of the server farm.

    What market does Apple want next. You know Steve’s next, “Just one more thing” is coming soon!

  6. The new colonists of the American tech industry

    One thing that many of you have failed to notice is that Google is a fifth columnist.

    It has allowed the Android platform to be used as the springboard for Asian competitors to colonize the American tech marketplace. Look at the Android smartphones: Asian Android makers thump American Android players by miles. HTC’s Evo leaves Google’s Nexus One and Motorola Droid in the dust.

    Asian players don’t give a hoot about rhetorics such as “open” and “free choice” and they are happy that American players are tying their own hands and feet with such nonsense. They are getting a free lunch at the expense of American stupidity and naivety.

    Asian competitors are learning fast and moving up the food chain while American players are content with the same mediocrity and lack of imagination. Soon another industry will be lost and Asian manufacturers will exact their pound of flesh from their former tormentor.

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